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1998 Audi Avant Wagon Transmission

1998 Audi Avant Wagon Transmission

The Avant wagon series produced by Audi in the 1990s made use of six different motors and three different gearboxes. Locating a replacement unit for a flawed transmission is no easy task. A lack of foreign vehicle components on the secondary market does complicate buying opportunities. The PreownedTransmissions.com company sells 1998 Audi Avant wagon transmission builds with sale pricing attached.

The base model of engine and transmission used in the Avant A5 series is the 1.8L engine and five-speed gearbox. These are found most commonly in the gasoline edition of the Avant wagon. A person who uses the TDI motor and gearbox editions will often find a four-speed transmission or ZF series gearbox. Good news for owners of the Avant wagon is that all models of transmissions are for sale from this website.

1998 Audi Avant Wagon Transmissions for Sale Online

The specs for the 1998 gearboxes can differ depending on the gearing used. Because the five-speed manual is most common, most eBay sellers and other second hand companies sell this version. Direct compatibility with the DOHC 1.8L or turbo 1.8L is supplied through this resource. No buyer will end up purchasing the wrong unit and finding out later when installation has failed.

The used Audi transmissions that are now on sale are acquired from top suppliers in the industry. The suppliers ensure that each unit is a quality build and has been pre-certified. What this certification does is provide a pressure test and exterior evaluation. This certification makes sure that no leakage or other issues are present in the five-speed or four-speed gearboxes for sale.

How to Buy 1998 Audi Avant Wagon Transmission Assemblies

Any U.S. buyer has full access to prices and warranty information for all Audi gearboxes in stock. A specialized quotation system has been built for instant usage here. What the system prefers that a user enter is the year and make of each Audi motor vehicle. This provides the entire starting point for quotes calculations. Any person accessing the system is presented with an immediate point of sale price tag once information is given.

A toll-free support number is also available for any person not using the digitized quotation center. The actual cost of an Audi transmission replacement can be found out when dialing the national number. A quick VIN search is made for each buyer to make sure that four-speed or five-speed gearboxes in stock provide an Avant wagon match. The cost for shipping is usually included in the quoted sale price and is one of the added features of using the PreownedTransmissions.com company.