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1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission for Sale

1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission

Acura Integra cars built in 1999 use the five-speed transmission. This is standard in the GSR builds that use the VTEC motors. Before buying 1999 Acura Integra GSR transmission inventory, a buyer should know that there are multiple builds produced can complicate the average search for a used gearbox. PreownedTransmissions.com exists to sell low priced inventory.

The ratios for gearing inside of each transmission in the Integra brand are different. Some people think that the ratios are the same and often encounter problems when buying replacements. There is a change between the third gear, fourth gear and fifth gear in the GSR. This is due to the LSD technology that is featured in the five-speed manual units.

Specs for the 1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission

Aisin constructed the five-speed units on behalf of Honda. While the ratios are different, these units still include the Grade Logic Control System. The complete gear ratio according to Honda spec sheets for the GSR units is as follows:

First Gear: 2.230
Second Gear: 1.900
Third Gear: 1.360
Fourth Gear: 1.034
Fifth Gear: .0787
Reverse: 3.000

This provides the average of 4.400 found in all OEM Integra gearboxes. There are some retailers, not including PreownedTransmissions.com, that sell high mileage units with non-validated gear ratios. These units were constructed to work solely with the 16-valve VTEC engines in 1.8L displacement.

What to Know When Buying Used Integra Gearboxes

The crankcase of the five-speed transmission must have routine fluid changes. A big problem with some units found as second hand on the Internet is dried up oil. A minimum of 7.1 quarts of Honda recommended fluid is required for a person who buys a used Integra transmission. All gearboxes for sale on this website come without fluid installed.

Buy 1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission Replacements

Car owners, mechanics, owners of body shops and some second hand retailers use the Preowned Transmissions website as a daily resource. The quotes that are granted to any website visitor help with matching through other retailers. There is only one price that is paid to own a gearbox from Acura through this website. It is this price that is displayed when a sticker price is requested in the quotation tool available.

There are always going to be questions that need answered about second hand Honda transmissions. The staff of experts who answer phone calls here are really helpful. Any person can validate the GSR engine and transmission compatibility during a phone call. Price requests, shipment arrangements and order processing can be conducted by phone away from this website.