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2003 Honda S2000 Transmission for Sale

2003 Honda S2000 Transmission for Sale

Before a car owner buys a 2003 Honda S2000 transmission for sale, there are some bits of information that are crucial to know. Honda only produced the S2000 units for a decade in the U.S. This means that supplies are limited especially online. Preowned Transmissions provides what could be the largest imported inventory of 6-speed manual gearboxes for sale.

The manufacturing of the S2000 gearbox in Honda vehicles was based on the technology used in the Accord, Civic and Integra. Honda introduced the limited slip differential (LSD) with most manual transmissions in the late 1990s. A car owner seeking a replacement unit should know how to select one of these builds from the array of used transmissions found browsing the Internet.

2003 Honda S2000 Transmission Specs

The transmission code for the K2000 gearbox should match with the F20C or F20C1 2.0 motors. This ensures that the gearbox is legitimate. There are aftermarket JDM parts sellers offering low prices for used condition assemblies and this can confuse would-be buyers. The true specs should always include a 1 to 6 standard gear ratio. Aisin is the OEM manufacturer of the S2000 editions.

The LSD technology is standard on most but not all A1 and A2 Honda engine-gearbox combinations. Because the engine type has a lot to do with the type of transmission used, a person should always read the specs of 2003 and later units when considering a purchase. There are two different shafts that control gearing at normal and reverse speeds. This is a technology developed by Honda for the LSD enabled gearboxes along with the separate lubrication system.

2003 Honda S2000 Transmission Rebuild Versus Used

There is a toss up among Honda vehicle owners over the quality found in replacement transmissions. While every buyer has different expectations, it is helpful to know what the difference between used and rebuilt is in the auto industry. Most rebuilders change out some parts and generally clean the gearing before sale. The used condition assemblies, like those for sale on this website, a certified for mileage and pressure tested.

Buy Your 2003 Honda S2000 Transmission Online

There have been recalls of Honda vehicles in the past and some retailers sell recalled parts. The 2003 Honda S2000 transmission inventory sold on this resource is in installation quality condition. These assemblies are free of third party errors. This reduces the problems, noise and fluid issues that some car owners experience buying from websites like eBay.

A quote in price for preowned Honda transmissions online is simple to request from this page. The quote is the first point of contact that any buyer has with PreownedTransmissions.com. A quick glance of the sale pricing can be made or a person can dial the toll-free assistance line for more details. There is a simple to follow ordering policy once prices have been determined. This leads to a super fast delivery for every used gearbox.