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2008 Ford Edge Transmissions for Sale

2008 Ford Edge Transmissions for Sale

Ford Edge uses dual technologies for the six-speed transmission. The 2006 year laid the production foundation for Ford and General Motors to work together to create new transmissions. Ford has the exclusive build rights in the U.S. at its various Michigan and Ohio plants. Buying 2008 Ford Edge transmissions for sale is not complicated when learning from this resource online.

The actual code for the Edge transmission is 6F50. These units must be purchased from a dealership using the 6F code number if a person does not use this resourceor a secondary market provider. There are six gears used in the Edge transmission. This is why the designation is 6F. The transverse design that is used for the placement of this gearbox is found in many Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

The Online Specs for Used Ford Edge Transmissions

The 6F50 is a manual transmission. There are six gears including a standard and low reverse gear. A clutch and clutch plate are required on these units. The actual design is capable of supporting motors with up to 300 horsepower. Ford often uses the six-speed with the Edge, MKX, Taurus, MKS, Mariner, Tribute and Fusion. The standard ratio provides 300 pounds of foot torque.

The use of the 6F50 gearbox in modern automotive manufacturing is partly due to the achievements in engineering at Ford and GM. When a person is researching parts compatibility, knowing the Ford Edge transmission specs can be really helpful. Finding out later that the wrong transmission was purchased is frustrating. All used condition Ford transmissions for 2008 or higher vehicles sold here are at or near wholesale list prices.

How to Buy 2008 Ford Edge Manual Transmissions

The six-speed gearboxes produced by GM and Ford under a partnership are still being mass produced. This means that they are easier to find. There are plenty of outdated and out of production gearboxes that are also available when searching on this website. Edge transmissions for sale are always priced using the Internet quote tools on this page. Direct access to the company price catalog is available in just one click.

The toll-free phone system in place supports any requests made offline for prices and other data before arranging a shipment. Speaking one-on-one with a sales specialist can confirm and validate all information on this page. A person interested in mileage on each gearbox can find out the exact count through the phone system. Details on one-year warranties and free shipping are continuously provided to each transmission buyer.