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2008 Ford F150 Transmission for Sale

2008 Ford F150 Transmission for Sale

Ford has a vast history in the transmissions industry. Before buying a 2008 Ford F150 transmission for sale, getting help along the way is crucial as a second hand parts buyer. What you will find this website is a complete overview of Ford automatic and Ford manual transmissions. Getting to know the specs of each model provides the foundation before a purchase can take place.

You can buy a used edition transmission sight unseen, but this is when some people have problems. Did you know there are four different gearboxes in the 2008 models? The F-Series trucks generally use upgraded shifting every so many years. There are plenty of junkyard 2008 Ford F150 parts that can be found on the Internet. The trick is knowing how to buy and where to buy to not waste your heard earned cash.

2008 Ford F150 Transmission Specs Online

The base model of transmissions used in the 2008 models is the 4R70W. This gearbox is also found in the Explorer and other similar models using the same motor platforms. Ford used no less than three engine types to build the F-Series trucks. These include the 4.6, 4.2 and 5.4 motors. All of these use a different transmission. The following list is the actual transmissions for sale on this page and what is found in the F150 2008 editions:

1. 4R70W
2. 4R75E
3. 4R75W
4. M5R2

To make things more complicated, Ford classifies its gearboxes with AWD, 4WD or RWD part numbers. A person can find out the wrong way that compatibility issues are common when the 2008 Ford F150 4×4 transmission is purchased instead of the AWD edition. The information on this data page is meant to help the average buy make a successful Internet or mail order purchase.

How to Buy 2008 Ford F150 Transmission Types

There is an auto parts quotes finder listed on this page. This is useful to any person who needs to know the exact gearbox used in the 2008 or higher F150 trucks. Entering the year and the engine type inside of the finder produces the right transmission. Along with the code matching, a price that includes the cost of shipping is supplied. Any person who has purchased at an auction website knows the 50/50 risk of buying a used transmission. The low prices and easy quote system provided here showcase much better quality units for sale.