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2009 Dodge Nitro Transmissions for Sale

Preowned Dodge 42RLE

2009 Dodge Nitro Transmissions for Sale

Nitro by Dodge was one of the first entries into the luxury SUV market. 2009 is one of the popular years for this cross-over vehicle. The compact SUV market has been supported by Chrysler for more than half a decade inside the U.S. A person who is researching ways to buy a used transmission will find 2009 Dodge Nitro transmissions for sale using the PreownedTransmissions.com website.

Dodge relies on engine and gearbox compatibility when designing modern day vehicles. The Nitro uses the popular 3.7 displacement as the base model. This is often what is found in the RT, SLT and SE editions as an alternate to the 4.0. The base 210 horsepower up to 260 horsepower does not affect the transmission quality. Two of the most common gearboxes in the 2009 Nitro are offered on this resource for domestic shipments.

Dodge Nitro Gearboxes: 42RLE and A580 Specs

The KA vehicle platform includes the original Nitro design. Chrysler pairs vehicles up with manual and automatic gearboxes that use this platform. The 2009 Dodge Nitro specs are proof of the dual compatibility with PowerTech and SOHC 4.0 motors. The 42RLE gearbox is the entry-level automatic edition and the A580 builds provide the five-speed models. Depending on the trim level, a Nitro could use the later developed 5G Tronic.

The original production of the Nitro lasted from 2007 to 2012. Both Chrysler and Mercedes technologies have been used in the transmission development. The automatic and manual Dodge transmissions sourced here are fully compatible with the SLT and optional R/T Nitro vehicles. Support for the SE is standard and consumers do not have to worry about 2009 Dodge Nitro recalls due to the warranty that is supplied for every in stock unit.

Where to Buy 2009 Dodge Nitro Transmissions Online

The units found in the Nitro are often the same as those found in the Dakota and Ram vehicles in the Dodge company. This provides an easy swap for a person who is ready to buy replacement transmissions on the Internet. The prices that are included for all assemblies for sale includes the cost of a coverage plan. This offers a low price and a way to protect a transmission inventory after a completed installation.

Price quotes for Dodge transmissions in preowned condition are simple to request on this website. A push button system is provided to any consumer with an interest to review prices before buying. While this method can service regular consumers, a toll-free call center option is equally accessible. Any warranty information, shipping programs or transmission code matching for Nitro gearboxes can be completed by phone.