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January 2014

Used 42RLE Transmission

Chrysler started making its own transmissions in the 1980s. The lessons learned form outsourcing and engineering helped develop the Ultradrive technology. Years of development lead to needed changes and the RLE series was introduced in the early 2000s. Preowned Transmissions is one large online resource promoting low prices for all used 42RLE transmission inventory in stock. The Jeep Liberty was the first installation of the 42RLE edition in 2003. This …Read More

1994 Ford Ranger Transmission

Ford introduced its light-duty Ford Ranger trucks in 1982. These Mazda based designs helped establish Ford as a fierce truck competitor. The change to providing fuel efficient trucks helped place more attention on the Ranger series through its production run. PreownedTransmissions.com is the leading source to find 1994 Ford Ranger transmission inventory online. Ford used more than one gearbox for its Ranger platform. The early 1990s featured some new builds …Read More

Used Auto Transmissions

The modern gearbox is a far cry from the original builds produced by the Dodge brothers, Henry Ford and other famous auto company owners. Not only has quality and technologies changed, but there are different classifications of transmissions now offered for sale. The procedures for buying used auto transmissions are pretty straight forward when a little information is researched. The Preowned Transmissions company supplies its transmission pages to inform the …Read More

Used Allison Transmission

Allison started its automotive services in 1909 and quickly became a trusted name in engines development. The pairing with Detroit Diesel helped to establish diesel engine development in the 1970s. The first automatic transmission for larger trucks in the U.S. was built by Allison. This popularity helped the company to change its focus to transmission building in the auto industry. Every used Allison transmission featured in the warehouse of units …Read More

Chevy S10 Transmissions

The global introduction of the Chevrolet S10 truck series in 1982 helped boost the light-duty truck market. The compact trucks that existed from Toyota and Mazda were beginning to dominate the auto industry. The move to building a light-duty pickup proved to be great decision for General Motors. One reliable component found in S10 trucks is the gearboxes. The Preowned Transmissions company is a trusted source to buy Chevy S10 …Read More

Cheap Used Transmissions

The components that are used in vehicle production can be hard for some automobile owners to replace. Companies building modern vehicles update technology every few years. This can make some older brands of vehicles obsolete. The Preowned Transmissions company is a U.S. resource selling cheap used transmissions online. The units marketed on this website are priced to sell quickly to used vehicle parts buyers. How much is a transmission? Some …Read More

4L65E Transmission

The outdated 700R4 transmission in the GM lineup was modified in 1992. This new transmission RPO code was introduced as the 4L60E. The THM700R4 lived a long life in the 1980s as the premier GM transmission available. A person who is currently seeking a replacement for the series can use the 2001 created 4L65E as the replacement. The Preowned Transmissions company is one top online resource to locate 4L65E transmission …Read More

Used 4L60E Transmission

The General Motors upgrades to the transmission technologies used in the 1980s were present in the 4L60E units introduced in the 1990s. As the replacement for the 700R4, the new electronic units were offered to ease the shifting between gears in modern vehicles. Because of the success of this gearbox, it is considered one of the most reliable overdrive transmissions in the GM lineup. Preowned Transmissions is one discount resource …Read More

Ford F150 Transmission

The F-Series brand in the Ford Motor Company has been promoted in the U.S. since the 1940s. The adjustments made in the 1960s helped set to production pace for the next 50 years at Ford. There were multiple editions of transmissions used in the F150 brand of trucks. The Ford F150 transmission inventory found through this resource includes nearly every classic and new model available. Apart from the Ford-O-Matic builds, …Read More

Ford C4 Transmission

The classic Ford-O-Matic transmission was upgraded in 1964 as a C4 build. These automatic transmissions were early technology by Ford Motor Company. These units had four total gears although this includes a reverse gear. This series of transmissions was built until 1981 when the updated C5 units were released. The PreownedTransmissions.com company provides one of the largest online resources to find Ford C4 transmission units for cheap prices. Users of …Read More