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March 2015

Ford Probe Transmission Used

Probe was one of the best-sellers in the U.S. for Ford Motor Company between 1998 and 2007. This hatchback designed vehicle was based on technology originally developed at Mazda. Because Ford had a working relationship with other automakers, it was easy to integrate the Probe into the inventory for sale. Someone ready to buy a Ford Probe transmission used will benefit from the offerings here. The auto alliance with Mazda …Read More

Eagle Talon Manual Transmission

The Diamond-Star company vehicles that were created for an 8-year period in the U.S. included the Eagle Talon. These vehicles were built in Illinois and featured a mixture of Chrysler and Mitsubishi components. The Talon was unique because of its dual transmission models available. A person who is ready to buy an Eagle Talon manual transmission will pay less using this website. The Talon was one of the two-door models …Read More

Used 6L50 Transmission for Sale

In the year 2006, GM created one of its best transmissions to date. This model is known as the 6L50. The clutch shift design was a update to the earlier 5L40E series. While 6-speed gearboxes are new to most General Motors vehicles, these units can be purchased in second hand condition on the web. Buying used 6L50 transmission for sale inventory is easy using this parts portal. Installation into a …Read More

Used 5L40E Transmission for Sale

1998 was the first year of active production for the 5-speed gearboxes used in some Cadillac vehicles. This unit was built only for use in vehicles that had a longitudinal engine design. This means that only motors with displacements ranging between 1.8 and 3.6 could be used. A person replacing an automatic GM assembly can find used 5L40E transmission for sale inventory here. There are two different RPO codes that …Read More

42LE Used Transmission

The four-speed automatic transmission was one technological advantage that Chrysler used in the early 1990s to move ahead in the auto industry. The success of the LH vehicle platform provided the method of promotion that was used to promote full-size vehicle gearbox innovations. Anyone using this web resource can buy a 42LE used transmission really cheap online. Nearly every front-wheel drive vehicle produced between 1994 and 2004 at Chrysler used …Read More

Acura Legend Manual Transmission

The Legend was one of the very first vehicles created under the luxury Honda division to feature more than one manual transmission. The production year of 1986 provided the entry that Acura needed in the global auto industry to showcase vehicle supremacy. If someone is replacing an Acura Legend manual transmission, saving money is usually at the top of the list. As one alternative to the automatic 4-speed found in …Read More

Used CD4E Contour Transmission

Smaller four-speed transmissions that Ford produced starting in 1994 were openly shared by its partner Mazda. The 626 was the testing ground for the CD4E gearbox. Ford Motor Company later used this transaxle automatic assembly inside of its Contour cars. Exploring this website to find used CD4E Contour transmission inventory can educate a person and save a person money. The time period of production for the FWD CD4E gearbox was …Read More

Used 845RE Transmission

Chrysler has helped lead transmission development since the 1960s in the U.S. market. One of the most recent discoveries to make its vehicles better happened in 2011. The ZF 8-speed transmission is now used in multiple vehicle brands that are owned and marketed by the Chrysler company. A person who is navigating the different dealers on the web to find a used 845RE transmission will find good inventory in stock …Read More

Used 125C Transmission

22 years of production by General Motors was placed into the TH125 transmission assembly. This 3-speed gearbox was first developed and marketed in the 1980 year and is sometimes referred to as the 3T40. Nearly all body styles of vehicles were adapted to fit the 125 series gearbox during its production run. Purchasing a used 125C transmission for sale has never been so easy using this auto parts website online. …Read More

Used 440T4 Transmission

In 1985, General Motors started updating its turbo-hydramatic series gearboxes for installation into a new fleet of vehicles. The all-new transaxle design did not include many of the earlier parts used in the 125 series. A person who cannot find a classic transmission for sale online, can use this resource to locate a used 440T4 transmission that is rated with lower than average mileage. The groundwork for the THM440T4 was …Read More