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March 2016

GM 6T75 Transmission for Sale

GM built its 6T75 transmission used for the first time in 2007. As a co-manufacturing partnership with Ford, each company produces a variation of the 6-speed base model. This unit is from the hydra-matic family of gearboxes. It is identified with the M7V stamp. A used GM 6T75 transmission for sale is available here online. Specs of the 6T75 Assembly The original build is not an overdrive unit. A separate …Read More

6R140 Ford Transmission for Sale

The 6R140 is a heavy-duty Ford transmission. This is found in SuperDuty diesel trucks. The 6.7-liter Powerstroke engine is usually found with the 6-speed units. Although a manual mode is available, this gearbox is an automatic controlled assembly. To buy or find a price for a 6R140 transmission for sale, use the quote system on this page. Durable 6-Gear Torqshift In order to separate new builds, Ford Motor Company created …Read More

4F50N Transmission for Sale

The Ford 4F50N transmission is a revised AX4N assembly. After upgrades in 2001, mass production began for various automobiles. The non-sequential shifting system popular in the ā€˜Nā€™ series was carried over. The overdrive technology is a Ford Motor Company achievement. To buy a used 4F50N transmission for sale, use the ordering system on this page. Cars Using 4F50N Gearboxes In typical automaker fashion, a lot of usage was obtained from …Read More

Used 4R75E Transmission On Sale Best Price

Ford changed its transmissions in 2004 by adding the 4R75E. This assembly gained popularity for its usage in F150 trucks. As a variant of the overdrive assemblies, the new 4R units were eventually terminated by 2008. There are many differences in the parts found in the late model gearboxes. Anyone shopping here can find a used 4R75E transmission on sale. 4-Speed Automatic Ford A sensor to control speed is the …Read More

Used 44RE Transmission

The 44RE transmission was produced by Dodge used in SUV and pickup trucks. Based on the A500 platform, the electronic controlled 4-speed was a primary gearbox. It was made popular in the mid 1990s and can still be found on the second hand market. People who browse inventory on sale here can buy a used 44RE transmission cheaply. TorqueFlite Automatic Assembly The specs changed often for Chrysler components. The push …Read More

5R55S Transmission for Sale

The success of the C3 gearbox led Ford to create newer technology. The 5-speed units found in a lot of vehicles can be one of four different types. The ‘S’ in an assembly code identifies the select shift edition. These electronic controlled models have become popular in many types of vehicles. Right here online, anyone can buy a used 5R55S transmission for sale. Specs for the 5R Ford Gearbox Before …Read More

6R75 Transmission for Sale

Ford debuted its 6R75 automatic transmission in 2006 automobiles. Built in Michigan in the USA, this gearbox found its way into many large sized SUVs and trucks. It is compatible with V6 and V8 engines. The T1 platform was designed for fail-proof parts. A used 6R75 transmission for sale is available to consumers at a cheap price here. Specs of the 6R75 There are six gears found in the ZF …Read More