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July 2016

U140E Transmission for Sale

Toyota built its U140E transmission and offered it for sale in a range of cars and SUVs. This model was exclusively built for use with 6-cylinder motors. It does feature electronics inside like most modern day assemblies. PreownedTransmissions.com has a used U140E transmission for sale along with a fair price here. History of the U140E Toyota built this model in the year 1999. It was installed as the main gearbox …Read More

6R60 Transmission for Sale

Part of the new 6-speed transmissions from Ford includes the 6R60 series. These were brought into production around the 2005 year. This model was built for use in vehicles that have V6 or larger motors. Because development takes a few years, the initial installation was delayed. You can order a 6R60 transmission for sale at this website. The only negative thing that consumers have reported in the near decade long …Read More

4F27E Transmission for Sale

The 4F27E is a Mazda built transmission. It is found for sale in Ford vehicles in the U.S. The assembly itself is a four-speed model. This was built after the F4EAT was retired. It was built stronger, but it also has a new range of electronic controls inside. PreownedTransmissions.com has a 4F272E transmission for sale on this website. Specs of the 4F272E The internals of the housing store the solenoid …Read More

545RFE for Sale

Chrysler placed its 545RFE for sale in the U.S. during the 2001 year. This transmission used to be a four-speed assembly. An extra gear was added and the option code was changed. The unit needed to be more powerful to work with the V8 engines built at the time. You can still find a used version of this unit on this website. Buy a 545RFE for sale here. There are …Read More

TH400 for Sale

The TH400 is a GM transmission used for decades in multiple vehicles. It is for sale on this website at a good price. We are experts in acquiring older components for American made automobiles. You can buy a TH400 for sale using the check procedure that consumers follow on this website. PreownedTransmissions.com has used products. The TH (turbo-hydramatic) series gearboxes were built in the 1960s. These feature a cast iron …Read More