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31TH Transmission for Sale

The 31TH automatic transmission from Chrysler is for sale on this website. While people might just be price shopping, it helps to know a little about these assemblies. The code name was formerly A413. Automobiles such as the Neon, Caravan and LeBaron benefited from the three-speed shifting. The stock of 31TH transmission for sale inventory here cannot be matched.

Specs of the 31TH Gearbox

In the early 1980s, automobiles were still produced with a column shifter. These were available with a three-gear configuration. The 31TH and earlier assemblies were built for vans and smaller vehicles that had 2.2 and 2.5 engines. Most of the K-series at Chrysler used the 31TH automatic transmission.

There are some people searching for a way to rebuild a gearbox. It is true that a poor condition salvaged gearbox can still be fixed up. The price is one element that someone must consider. Whether a rebuilt, remanufactured or used transmission is needed, quality levels should always be considered.

The Shadow, Omni, Spirit and other cars used 31TH transmission at Chrysler. Later option code additions were A620 for the 3-gear series. Plymouth, Dodge and other nameplates that exist in the U.S. and Canada were equipped for three and four-speed gearboxes.

Best Warranties for Three-Speeds

It does pay off to have components protected. The solenoid, gaskets, springs, couplers and other integral parts have short life spans. The OEM warranty for automobiles usually lasts for 30,000 miles. This is a basic powertrain coverage plan. On the aftermarket, people can find a much better deal for a preowned auto part.

PreownedTransmissions.com has trusted stock ready for shipment. This includes a consumer warranty package. All Chrysler corporation automotive parts for sale here are guaranteed to last. The 24-month protection period that is supplied here is good for average consumers.

Used 31TH Transmissions Prices

Getting it all means not just a quality component. Few people will turn down a discount price. Taking this into consideration, the car parts specialists here have set good prices. Websites like eBay or Craigslist have too much variance in the MSRP. Taking care of adults in North America is essential here.

At the main warehouse, a Dodge Caravan 31TH transmission or other model can be quoted, purchased and shipped. The price quotes appear on this website by way of the computer database. People tap into this module daily. Since helping a customer needs to happen offline too, toll-free numbers are available to call.