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42LE Used Transmission

The four-speed automatic transmission was one technological advantage that Chrysler used in the early 1990s to move ahead in the auto industry. The success of the LH vehicle platform provided the method of promotion that was used to promote full-size vehicle gearbox innovations. Anyone using this web resource can buy a 42LE used transmission really cheap online.

Nearly every front-wheel drive vehicle produced between 1994 and 2004 at Chrysler used the automatic four-speed gearbox. While the 41TE edition was used to design the 42LE, it was the faith by Chrysler put into its improved drive train that helped attract more consumers who paid attention to the quality and construction of gearbox manufacturing.

Specs for the 42LE Transmission

A differential was included in the 42LE design compared with the earlier A606 units. This helped to stabilize the FWD system. Cars such as the Concorde, Vision and Intrepid were hand-selected to showcase the 42LE gearbox to the global auto industry. What was returned to Chrysler during this time was complete admiration by consumers. This appreciation lead to 9 years of automatic transmission manufacturing.

A much bigger input shaft is used in the 42LE compared with the earlier 41TE design. There are hydraulic powered clutches that are used to distribute power levels inside of the 42-series gearboxes. This offers a low, high or reverse combination that is still used in some modern assemblies that are constructed by Chrysler.

Problems with a 42LE Transmission

There minor issues that were reported publicly by owners and users of the LH series gearboxes. From being stuck in gear to hard shifting between gears one and two, some unfortunate problems did occur in the near decade of production. There were even reports that some Concorde car owners reported overheating that required installation of a cooling system.

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Best Prices for Used Chrysler Automatic Transmissions

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