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47RE Automatic Transmission for Sale

Buy a used Dodge 47RE transmission at a sale price here.

Popularized in the year 2004, the 47RE quickly gained fame as a leading gearbox at the Chrysler company. People will find this unit installed with a 5.9L Cummins motor most of the time. The A618 was the classic version of the late model four-speed TorqueFlite editions. Anyone who is beginning to search for a 47RE transmission for sale can sort through good inventory here.

Specs of the 47RE

The unit is controlled electronically and includes a torque converter. Through use of solenoids and other switches, shifting takes place on the fly. Unlike the manual assemblies, the usage of torque converter lockup switches revolutionized automatic shifting.

Last used in the year 2002, the Dodge 47RE gearbox is most associated with the Ram 2500 and 3500 series. One of the things that people appreciate about the automatic editions is that they can be used with gasoline or diesel engines.

Purposely geared with a lower ratio, the TorqueFlite assemblies are known for delivering performance. It does take a heavy duty mixture of parts to ensure that a build lasts for a long time. Unlike Ford and Chevrolet styles, many Dodge products have stood the test of time.

Problems With the 47RE

As with any automotive component, proper care and attention is required. People who do not change the oil with fresh fluid will ultimately suffer. In the case of complaints with a used 47RE transmission, most are the result of irregular maintenance.

Some people have fried the electronics and gearing by exceeding the towing rating. While Ram pickup trucks do pull well, the gross rating for torque should always be monitored. It is possible that some electronic failures can cause major problems although these can be fixed.

Best Condition Chrysler Gearboxes

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Buy a Ram Truck Transmission Online

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