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4F27E Transmission for Sale

The 4F27E is a Mazda built transmission. It is found for sale in Ford vehicles in the U.S. The assembly itself is a four-speed model. This was built after the F4EAT was retired. It was built stronger, but it also has a new range of electronic controls inside. PreownedTransmissions.com has a 4F272E transmission for sale on this website.

Specs of the 4F272E

The internals of the housing store the solenoid packs that are now used for programmed shifting. There are a total of six parts that makeup the computer system. The torque converter is called a four-stage turbine. This maximizes the power level even at low geared speeds.

The hydraulic portion of the assembly is just like earlier Mazda builds. The four-gear design has allowed the unit to match up perfectly with a number of vehicles. The compatibility is one element that some people forget to review upon their quest for a replacement gearbox assembly.

Compatible Vehicles List

You can install the Mazda built four-speed automatic gearbox into many vehicles. Most of the installations have taken place after the 2009 year in North America. If you are wondering about compatibility, use the following list as your guide.

Install the used 4F272E gearbox into these motor vehicles:

Transit Connect

We verity which automobiles can accept the assembly through contact with the disassemblers taking apart cars and vans. We know through these sources which models work and which ones need to be modified. You can use this information when you go to order if you need to swap your defective transmission.

Prices for Used Mazda Transmissions

We only carry things that are listed as second hand. The providers in the junk industry that we work with do not deal in remanufactured products. This is OK for 98 percent of the consumers shopping for a replacement assembly. The quote computer that we installed for use on this site can be tapped into using any device.

Extract your sticker price when you provide the year of your vehicle and its motor size. This is the minimum data we can accept without relaying your entire VIN number. You can order right off our secure server or can place a phone call to us. We will go over your warranty and schedule a prompt delivery to your location. Your installation time period is covered under our standard protection although labor is not.