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4F50N Transmission for Sale

The Ford 4F50N transmission is a revised AX4N assembly. After upgrades in 2001, mass production began for various automobiles. The non-sequential shifting system popular in the ā€˜Nā€™ series was carried over. The overdrive technology is a Ford Motor Company achievement. To buy a used 4F50N transmission for sale, use the ordering system on this page.

Cars Using 4F50N Gearboxes

In typical automaker fashion, a lot of usage was obtained from the automatic overdrive assemblies. Numerous vehicles produced in the USA were fitted with 4F50N units. The following automobiles have or have had the 4-gear modules:

1. Taurus
2. Freestar
3. Monterey
4. Continental
5. Sable
6. Windstar

The use of solenoids to control functions by electronic means was innovative. No longer were shift patterns left up to manual controls like springs or hydraulic movements. Engineering and development means big business in the car parts industry.

Reliability of Ford AOD Transmissions

Depending on where a gearbox is purchased, problems may or may not exist. Through forum discussions and some YouTube videos, people have had more than one issue with a used 4F50N/AX4N assembly. PreownedTransmissions.com has excellent inventory although not ever retailer has a good track record.

When fluid goes unchanged, debris can easily enter the gears. This can cause lockups, squealing sounds and other problems. Not all people change the filter when doing a fluid change. This is a mistake. Fresh lubrication as well as filters prevent expensive repairs. In general, the fourth generation automatic 4-speed gearboxes from Ford are very reliable.

Overheating can always be an issue with an older part. Some people place aftermarket coolers in line to provide temperature regulation. While OEM units do not have a built in cooler, overheating should not be an issue. Purchasing anything as preowned is a good bet. Validation of condition is essential before ordering.

Buy Used Automatic Gearboxes

By visiting this website, a person has a lot of options. The first is to review inventory and pricing. This happens through the warehouse database. What is in stock is displayed. The second is to review warranty details and shipping arrangements. All of this data combined is helpful during the ordering process. A no hassle call can always be placed offline to get more information.