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4L30 Transmission for Sale With Price Drop

GM used its 4L30 transmission between the production years of 1991 and 2001 in the North American market. The development of a 4-speed gearbox that was capable of electronic controls was one of the firsts for General Motors. The France produced E series models were ultimately installed in a number of vehicles. A buyer of vehicle parts ready to find a 4L30 transmission for sale online can shop this parts website.

The licensing that GM obtained to distribute its electronic gearboxes to other automotive companies paid of in a big way. Brands like Isuzu, Acura and BMW were early adopters of the 4L30E transmission brand. Because of the differences in gear ratios, the added reverse gear was a good pairing with I4 and V6 motor blocks in multiple brands of motor vehicles used worldwide.

4L30E Transmission Specs

While not only built for gasoline motor blocks, GM successfully used the 4-speed automatic models for some diesel vehicles with a 2.5 engine. Vehicles which had a gross weight of under 7,716 pounds were able to benefit from the solenoid controls found in the 4L gearboxes. The maximum shift speed that could be obtained through use of the turbo-hydramatic series was 6500 RPM.

PreownedTransmissions.com sells assemblies that are known as complete models. This means that a working torque converter is included when orders are placed. The weight of the 4L30 transmission is about 150 pounds when no Dexron III fluid has been added. To check for proper compression, testing has already been performed with the optimum fluid levels prior to selling these to consumers.

Since a warranty policy is always included in the selling price, no issues with OEM parts should be detected. The certification of each model did include a valued inspection by a trained mechanic. The band assembly, selector level, turbine, main case, output shaft, bearings and clutch plate have all been examined. This proves that the used turbo hydramatic transmissions on sale here are in good working order.

GM 4L30 Transmission Assemblies for Sale

The replacement for the 4L30E series gearbox was the 5L40 edition. While these two versions are similar, each edition is not cross compatible. The Omega, Catera and some Honda subsidiaries are the most common vehicle types using the 4-speed automatics designed at GM. Ordering a unit on this website is not a hard thing to accomplish. Because all people are different, there are two trusted methods of obtaining the latest sale prices.

If a person who orders a used GM transmission on this website prefers to not have assistance, using the checkout service provided will be sufficient. Someone who has a desire to immediately speak with a trained gearbox expert can always call the listed toll-free number. Generally, shipping is free to mechanics and auto body shops upon order placement.