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4L65E Transmission

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The outdated 700R4 transmission in the GM lineup was modified in 1992. This new transmission RPO code was introduced as the 4L60E. The THM700R4 lived a long life in the 1980s as the premier GM transmission available. A person who is currently seeking a replacement for the series can use the 2001 created 4L65E as the replacement. The Preowned Transmissions company is one top online resource to locate 4L65E transmission units for sale.

While the codes are different in GM catalogs, the inner workings of the 4L65E are identical to the 700R4. The only difference is the electronic modules used to control the transmissions. Because this very units are used in most trucks, vans and SUVs they are still popular. The trick to locating one of these units in good condition is validating each dealer providing inventory online. All units that are promoted for sale through this resource comes from valid resources in the U.S.

Used 4L65E Gearbox Compatibility List

There are numerous vehicles that have used both editions of the famous 700R4 or 4L60E edition gearboxes. Finding one that is compatible with vehicles is easy. Many of the popular models include Impala, Camaro, Caprice, S10, Tahoe, Yukon, GTO, Safari, Corvette, Escalade, Buick, Chevy Express, C/K trucks, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, GMC and other brands from GM. Finding a replacement is a big responsibility for all gearbox buyers.

Do 4L65E gearboxes come with a warranty? Every transmission sold from this website receives its own multi-year warranty. These are included in the sale price and meant to help each buyer. The exact coverage of parts that is offered is explained in the warranty protection policy provided upon request. All used GM transmissions distributed from this resource include quality warranty terms. There are no unsatisfied buyers who use this resource to find recent or vintage builds.

4L65E Transmission Price Quotes

A quote for original GM gearboxes featured on this resource is meant to please buyers. There are high prices and low prices found online. What matters is the quality versus price ratio. The units that are now quoted here online have a solid mixture of value and low price. The exact purchase price of each unit is supplied in the automated price quotes distributed straight from this page.

A toll-free phone system is also established to handle all phone requests. A group of trusted transmission specialists receive all phone calls. The transmission code search, VIN lookup and different solutions provided through this number is useful. There are no buyers who order the wrong gearbox using the Preowned Transmissions company as a resource. The trusted value and same day shipments help to close many of the sales that are processed here daily.