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4R70W Transmission for Sale

Ford and other automakers changed production schedules for transmissions in the year 1980. The standard transmissions used in many vehicles up to this period were now outdated. The automatic technology developed by Ford introduced the first overdrive transmission in four-speed builds to car buyers. This AOD edition provided the foundation for the later development in the 1990s when the 4R70W was introduced. This PreownedTransmissions.com resource offers 4R70W transmission for sale inventory entirely online.

The electronic transmission control modules developed by Ford in the 1980s improved the shifting in units like the 4R70W. The famed four-speed units produced by Ford were used in trucks and luxury vehicles as upgraded technology. The Lincoln vehicles, F-Series trucks and Mercury Cougar are some of the examples of vehicles that utilize the 4R70W gearboxes in the U.S. These rear-wheel drive automatic assemblies are priced low on this resource to offer a buyer a cost saving method of buying a transmission.

4R70W Automatic Transmission with Torque Converter

One advantage to many automatic transmissions is the placement of the torque converter to help provide reliability. These units are not found in the early Ford Motor Company transmissions in manual builds. The 4R70W torque converter is enabled on all of the transmissions distributed from the Preowned Transmissions company. This does not affect the sale price and is one additional advantage that buyers have in the U.S. Many independent transmission retailers do not include complete transmissions that offer torque converters. The inventory featured through this resource is complete for all purchases.

Apart from the attached torque converter, every transmission found using this used resource online includes complete warranty programs. This is extra protection that is available due to the expiration of many parts on placement transmissions. The verifications that are completed before any transmission leaves the company warehouse proves the quality upon delivery. Every used automatic Ford Motor Company transmission for sale here receives the benefit of the two and three-year warranty plans supplied. Every buyer considering a purchase through this resource receives more than a peace of mind.

4R70W Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

Quotes for used transmissions found through this resource are simple to acquire online. The tools available using this PreownedTransmissions.com resource provide immediate pricing data to all potential buyers. The quotes are always accurate and designed to impress buyers who are able to find local salvage companies, junkyards or other second hand resources. The price quotations offered on this page are acquired using the tools for quotes distribution.

A toll-free telephone number is supplied as an optional method of acquiring pricing from this resource. Buyers not taking advantage of the research options provided here can dial the toll-free telephone and speak directly to helpful associates. All stock status information, limited warranty data and shipment information is provided to each caller. All Ford AOD transmissions for sale using this resource are shipped same day in an effort to speed up customer deliveries.

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