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4T45E Transmission for Sale

RPO MN5 is the 4T45E transmission from GM. These are for sale here in used condition. The 45 in the code name identifies that this gearbox is for 4500 pound gross vehicle weight automobiles. These builds were most common to find inside of Chevy, Pontiac, Saturn and Oldsmobile cars. With the success of late model 4-gear assemblies, anyone can buy a 4T45E transmission for sale using the resources on this website.

Specs of the 4T45E Gearbox

The I4 and V6 motors are more common to work with the 4-speed t-series transmissions. Due to improvements in torque, many automobiles are able to get more performance. The Cobalt and Saturn Ion are two examples where GM has showcased its 4T45E. With a much higher GVW, the increase in torque is needed for stability.

Because of the 4-gear ratio, there are different gear setups. The late model hydramatic technology now includes electronics. Shift solenoids are common in all post 1990 General Motors transmissions. Purchasing a used model does come with a few strings attached.

If the previous owner did not change oil frequently, lock up can occur. This is a major concern for someone that only has enough cash to buy preowned assemblies. To prevent quality issues, PreownedTransmissions.com demands rigorous testing of its acquired products.

TCCM Enabled 4T45E Assemblies

Modifying how the torque converter is accessed has payed off for Chevrolet brand car parts. While failure of a clutch is usually imminent, the design flaws found in rival automaker products do not exist at GM. By keeping an eye on global manufacturing, more plants are putting out excellent quality components that include transmissions.

The forward clutch system can be replaced on all GM units. Some people seek a rebuilt 4T45E while others find that a second hand version does the trick. What people shop for a buy using this website is a certified used condition product.

Used 4T45E Transmission Prices

Who appreciates paying a retail price for a recycled auto part? The answer is probably nobody. This goes for dealers and shop owners too. Getting a deal means more profit. It also means a larger savings for a car owner doing a DIY swap. Depending on the make and model, a sizable discount is supplied from every junk yard dealer in the price location tool here.

For the very first time, any one without industry knowledge can access near wholesale prices. This assures people who are frequent buyers on eBay or Craigslist that they will not be scammed. The selling price is just that—a selling price. A warranty is included and there are no negotiations with sales staff required. A fast quote is achieved right here online.