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4T65E Transmission for Sale

Buy 4T65E HD transmission inventory here.

MN7 identifies the 4-speed HD transmissions at GM. It can be a 4×2 or 4×4 model that is installed in a truck or SUV. This unit was the replacement edition for the retired 4T60. The difference between the two versions was the size and power level of the torque converter. The assembly was used for the final time in the 2011 manufacturing year. Any adult can purchase a 4T65E transmission for sale in used condition right on this website.

Heavy Duty 4-Gear Assembly

The gross vehicle weight or GVW plays a role into how powerful a transmission will be once installed. When coupled with a large motor, the torque really comes alive. In the case of the MN7 RPO code, these editions were built with towing in mind.

Installations were rampant during the late 1990s for the HD gearboxes. The bigger and more powerful SUVs needed better specs for shifting. General Motors answered the call and built its performance version of the 4T60E gearbox.

Compatible automobiles with the 4T65E:

Grand Prix
Monte Carlo

Most performance vehicles that require a powerful V6 or a larger V8 can accept the HD 4-speed gearbox. An optional M76 version was introduced for late model vehicles. This model is the AWD version instead of the base 4WD edition. Each of these can be ordered after browsing inventory here.

Common 4T65E-HD Problems

Because GM relies on electronic devices, unexpected failures can happen due to surges in electric current. The solenoid packs as well as the pressure control solenoid are known issues with some heavy-duty gearboxes. Lack of fourth gear is another issue as well as missing the reverse gear. These problems can be attributed to gasket leaks or other things. Any stock posted on this website has been cleared of faulty solenoids prior to sale.

Valve body kits and other third-party improvements are available in most auto parts stores. For a car owner who wants to improve the stock specs, updating the technology on the original assembly is possible. The salvage products available to order here include all factory original components.

Quality Used 4T65E Transmissions

How much mileage or abuse is on the casings? That is a valid question. While there will always be variances, most of the time there is moderate use of each product. Great lengths are taken to validate actual mileage and to ensure the condition is as described. Ordering a used condition auto part is not difficult.

By choosing the right option code, a match can be made in the warehouse to swiftly return a discount price for anything in stock. Quotes in price are always distributed by phone or by way of the tool near the top of this very page.