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545RFE for Sale

Chrysler placed its 545RFE for sale in the U.S. during the 2001 year. This transmission used to be a four-speed assembly. An extra gear was added and the option code was changed. The unit needed to be more powerful to work with the V8 engines built at the time. You can still find a used version of this unit on this website. Buy a 545RFE for sale here.

There are no complicated features of the Chrysler 5-speed assemblies. These do have three planetary gears inside. What might be uncommon to some people is the compatibility with multiple vehicles. Because Jeep and Dodge are subsidiaries, there were many installations of the 545RFE transmissions.

If you have one of the following vehicles, you can install the gearboxes without error:

Grand Cherokee

Chrysler is now forging ahead with the development of 6-speed versions. This had led to the termination of its 5-gear multi-automatic assemblies. The final domestic installation took place in the model year 2010.

PreownedTransmissions.com knows what people ask for. We do not fill up the shelves of our warehouse with things that will never sell. Our contracted partners include pick-a-part and salvage yards in the United States. We try to make it simple and pain-free to find a replacement gearbox at a sale price.

One thing that sets our company apart from many others is our staff. We are not interested in hiring some college kid to answer the phone. We invest in our team just like we would invest into technology. Each person working for has extensive knowledge in manual and automatic transmissions.

Product warranties are nice to have when you order used devices. You really do not know what the internals are like until you pop open the housing. Truck and SUV owners who will swap the 545RFE need a better guarantee than just a verbal one. We include up to 36 months of coverage with our products listed here.

Prices for Used Transmissions

You can buy from us, but only when you get your custom price. It is so easy to just list a price that might go out of data on this page. We turned to a computer-led procedure to administer requests for sticker pricing at our company. We use the make, model and year of auto manufacturing as the basis of calculating prices.

You get your quote, you review it and then you call us. We do have an e-commerce shopping car that lets your place an order. If you do not want to use this method, call our team on the phone. Speak with us and we can schedule a fast shipment.