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5R55S Transmission for Sale

The success of the C3 gearbox led Ford to create newer technology. The 5-speed units found in a lot of vehicles can be one of four different types. The ‘S’ in an assembly code identifies the select shift edition. These electronic controlled models have become popular in many types of vehicles. Right here online, anyone can buy a used 5R55S transmission for sale.

Specs for the 5R Ford Gearbox

Before TCM and TCU modules were placed into vehicles, four-speed controls were standard. The consistent development of better shifting parts helped to produce the 5R assembly. Automobiles like the Mustang, Mountaineer, Avaiator, Thunderbird and Explorer use a variation of the 5-speed automatic transmission from Ford.

First put into production in 2002, this unit was still being used as of the 2010 model year. The recommended fluid type to use is known as ATF. Adding the right lubrication means interior components will work normally. The base design is so popular that the ‘N’ and ‘W’ variants are also available.

Like most electronic based assemblies, solenoid packs are common. These are in use to control the electronic pulses that regulate the different gears. These can go bad and are one of the common complains on used 5R55S Ford transmissions.

Recycled Parts Warranty Period

When shopping for replacement auto parts, a warranty is a must to get. Because there is a limited time for a factory policy, most second hand units are not covered. The inventory of secondary market builds on this website always carries a strong warranty plan.

From salvage yards to insurance auctions, quality Ford products are purchased. After an evaluation period, each classified assembly is added to the warehouse. The only way to control problems from happening is to know each unit.

Find Used Ford Transmissions Here

Every price is unique. The discount and warranty period are explained. The simplistic quote tool found here displays our current pricing. Buying in confidence is essential. Knowing something has been looked at prior to ordering it is a good thing. A qualified specialist has graded each gearbox in terms of quality, condition and mileage.

Get access to our sales department now. These pros not only answer questions, but provide a smooth transaction. No messing around with trying to bid and win an eBay auction. We have real used car transmissions in stock that ship to North American addresses.