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5R55W Transmissions for Sale

Ford used its own 5R55W automatic transmission as a primary assembly. Trucks like the Ranger or SUVs like the Explorer are known for promoting this gearbox. The 5-speed controls are what people liked about the unit. It offered more shifting solutions than the regular gearing with just overdrive. Consumers can buy 5R55W transmissions for sale on this website.

Ford Motor Company started to incorporate electronics into all manufactured assemblies in the 1990s. This decision improved the life span and the options that the public had during usage. There are multiple versions of the 5-gear transmission that can be found. The letter designations at the end of the part number separate each edition.

Salvage Automatic 5R55W Transmission

The second hand vehicle parts market has a strong level of gearboxes available. Most of these are supplied by thousands of auto junk yards nationally. Some do come from Canada. Consumers who are without a trusted company to buy from locally are the ones who seek help from web retailers. The salvage 5R55W Ford transmission inventory we provide is considered to be above average.

Little things that mean a lot to the public are enhanced here. Cleaning up the exterior housing, checking for electronic failures and pressure tests are conducted. Even though the 5R55W is a reliable gearbox, it can be prone to overheating or other problems. We routinely check what we are supplying to prevent expensive repairs.

5-Speed Parts and Labor Warranties

A solenoid pack, pump or gasket is not meant to work forever. Excessive use, incorrect fluid levels and other things can lead to a range of user problems. There is a term of protection here that lasts for up to three years. The written plans will protect a majority of the spare parts and labor required to fix a number of problems.

Warranties will require a customer to activate the plan after ordering. This is what will set the coverage in stone for the number of months available. Going through our e-commerce tool or getting help from our associates is the fastest method for warranty activation.

Buy 5R55W Transmissions

Order today for the best price available. A price quote mechanism is built into this page. Browse our computer for an updated price list or get a quote sent to your e-mail address. An even faster way to get started is to call our gearbox staff. Let our team work with you to verify your ID tag or SKU number. We guarantee price savings off the MSRP that will not change.