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62TE Transmission for Sale

The 6-speed Ultradrive 62TE transmission was built by Chrysler in 2007. As a variant of earlier 41TE builds, V6 enabled vehicles benefited from this new gearbox. The Ram ProMaster and other Dodge automobiles are now using the same 62TE transmission for sale inventory we’re selling here online. The only difference is these are recycled assemblies.

Specs of the 62TE

Unlike some auto companies, Chrysler developed a low clutch, direct clutch and ORC clutch system. The addition of solenoids and pressure switches have made the 6-gear editions more reliable. The production of these units took place in Kokomo, Indiana. A 2WD or a 4WD version was used with 6-cylinder automotive engines.

Someone planning to change the oil will find that no dipstick is available. Chrysler added a dipstick tube that is available to check fluid levels. A variable fluid pressure gauge was added to regulate the oil utilized by the 62TE gearbox.

People do not have to question the reliability of the Ultradrive models. Great care and extreme dedication has been placed into every assembly for sale. One thing a person should watch out for is high mileage variants promoted by some web retailers.

Salvage Automatic 62TE Transmissions

The way that inventory is acquired plays an important role in the overall condition. Companies that acquire used Chrysler transmissions might not offer testing. When rust or other deterioration degrades a component, the value of the gearbox can drop drastically. Buyers should keep this in mind.

A junk yard distribution partner is the preferred resource for the PreownedTransmissions.com company to find units for sale. Yards across the United States and some in Canada are in the dealer-to-dealer listings. These very companies do the actual freight handling for ordered items on this page.

62TE Transmission Price Calculator

A system to help the public find out exact prices is supplied here. The experts who provide customer service help perform the price research. It all begins with a VIN number. People who can match this number with a their vehicle get immediate price data. Every discount or special MSRP can then be compared.

The online tool available is not the only method of information gathering. A support professional that is reachable by a 1-800 number can help. Offline calls take place each day from all areas of North America. A quote or review of what other Ultradrive transmissions on sale is processed swiftly. This provides inventory for Pacifica, Journey, Avenger, Sebring, Town and County, Voyager and Grand Caravan vehicles.