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65RFE Transmissions for Sale

The 65RFE is a Chrysler transmission first used in the 2012 year. It is a revamped version of the older 545RFE with an extra gear and an improved torque converter. New electronics are part of the inner workings of this gearbox. It was built for usage with 4.7L and 5.7L V8 engines. From our warehouse, you can buy 65RFE transmissions for sale here.

The way that the 6-speed gearboxes now work is through a transmission control module. Chrysler, like many other automakers, has started to rely more on computer systems than mechanical controls. A complex but reprogrammable TCM is the heart of the 65RFE automatic transmission. It can be found in Dodge, Ram and Jeep vehicles.

RWD 6-Speed Transmissions

All of the RFE series units are rear-wheel drive. These have been fitted with technology that allows AWD as well. The internal parts are lubricated with ATF +4 fluid. Depending on the size of the pan, up to eight quarts might be needed for the right fill level. The 1500 series Ram, Durango and Cherokee are all examples of motor vehicles that have used 65RFE transmissions.

The components inside the assembly are built to be in use for a long time. Modern engineering practices have been developed to increase consumer usage of OEM parts. Most recently released vehicles do not require the standard 3000 mile oil changes for motors. The same is true for the 50,000 mile mark for a gearbox.

Warranties for Chrysler Transmission

A long-term plan of about 36 months of coverage is what PreownedTransmissions.com has. Even though what is bought here is considered second hand, we have safeguards that are in place to please consumers. Regardless of the term of a warranty, what really matters is that original parts and labor is part of the package.

There are hundreds of small parts found in the 6-speed Chrysler transmission inventory on this website. Almost every single one of these components are in our main warranty documentation. After a person activates his or her warranty, the term of each policy is then in force.

Buy Used 65RFE Assemblies

No information is needed to begin the price lookup process. Just input the year and make of an SUV or truck that needs a replacement assembly. The computer on this page taps into our warehouse to find out what we really have available to ship. When the system makes its match, a full price that features prepaid freight is then calculated. The optional way to get this data is to give us a call through our phone number. Let us treat you better than another retailer.