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6F35 Transmission for Sale

Best 6F35 transmission sale pricing with no haggling.

In the year 2007, Ford launched its co-produced gearbox venture with GM. What came out of this development was a 6-speed automatic. Known in the industry as the 6F35, these units are built in the United States. As a reliable front wheel drive assembly, a better range of fuel mileage helped to market the 6-gear model. A used 6F35 transmission for sale is featured here online.

6F35 Specs by Ford

Several clutches and clutch plates are found in the all-new gearboxes. By doing away with parts that can degrade, a longer life is expected. A rocker clutch is one of the trade secrets helping Ford prosper. This is combined with the flat towing system that is adding to greater torque values.

The 6-gear assemblies were built to withstand as much as 300 horsepower. Since the product launch, Ford Motor Company has utilized the 1.6L, 2.0L, 2.5L and 3.0L engines with the 6F35. The Escape, Edge, Mariner, Taurus, MKS, Flex, Fusion, MKX and Tribute are all associated with the 6-speed transmissions.

There are several things that make the late model builds better. A revised pump system provides quiet operation. This is a lot difference than the CFT30 that is known for being loud. An improved chain drive system allows much smoother shifts.

It does take about 9 quarts of fluid to properly fill the casing. The shippable weight is just over 140 pounds. The assembly is offered in both 2WD and 4WD setups. Most of the tag ID numbers can be identified with a “2D” code reference.

Average 6F35 Transmission Prices

What is sold through this portal is a preowned version. These are not remanufactured. There is a noticeable swing in price when comparing the two versions. Rebuilders often charge upwards of $2000 to $3000 to restore a 6F35. As a cost saving scenario, the salvage market pullouts that can be ordered here are a small fraction of the MSRP.

What this gives a person is a way to afford a used Ford transmission. Every component is original and has been validated for accuracy. It is not possible clean every model due to changes in suppliers. What is guaranteed is the delivery, warranty and condition stated.

OEM Assemblies with Torque Converters

No parts have been pulled off and sold on eBay to get more profits. Every complete build here has a working and tested torque converter. Shipping fees are almost always included in the final price quote. A person must use the price locator attached on this page or call to receive personalized pricing. This is by far the easiest resource to tap when swapping any auto parts.