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6L80 Transmission for Sale

The regular production option code MYC for General Motors refers to the 6L80 gearbox. As a variant of the TH series, this 6-speed edition is one of the newest builds found in Cadillac, Chevy and other GMC vehicles. While dealerships continue to provide service for OEM units, used auto owners can struggle to find retailers selling used 6L80 transmission for sale inventory.

The second hand inventory of gearboxes that can be found through resources other than this website is hard to validate. While one seller can offer a clean unit, another seller can offer one that is in bad shape. A consumer who does not have GM service plan will have to pay the full cost of a transmission replacement. Purchasing a used 6-speed assembly on this website is a cost saver.

Longitudinal Mounted 6L80 Assemblies

GM now builds engines and transmissions that must match size and shape for a paired installation. Long gone are the days of correcting mounting problems to get a gearbox to fit snug. All vehicles under GM production schedules using the 6L80 are fitted with powerful V8 engines. The longitude-mounted design now works well to control shifting variances.

What kind of fluid does a 6L80 transmission need? GM always recommends Dexron IV. A good way to test a bad gearbox is to fill one up with 9 to 11 quarts of fluid. If leaks are found, there is likely an issue with the gaskets or housing. This is how most people find out that a GM gearbox is not working as intended. Thankfully, there are websites like PreownedTransmissions.com to provide a variety of inventory for sale.

Buying a Used RWD 6L80 Transmission

There are some cautions that consumers have when exploring secondary market inventory on the web. How many miles are on the unit? How much does shipping cost? Are the solenoids burned out? These are valid questions to ask any dealer. Because of the build quality in GM gearboxes, most problems are minimal if any are found. Before purchasing any 6L80 assembly, verifying the clutch quality and gear ratio is standard.

When ordering a unit on the web, consumers should understand the 6L80 transmission weight. Some units weigh up to 220 pounds with the average being about 212 pounds. This can complicate matters if companies are not paying for the outbound freight charges. The heavy weight of the die cast aluminum housing contributes to the weight of the 6L80 and 6L90 GM transmission.

Find Cheap Automatic 6L80 Gearboxes Here

Using the intelligent inventory locator, choose the GM model year and vehicle type. The next thing that happens is a price will be calculated. This means there is no waiting around for the sale price to be displayed. A person has the option to purchase a gearbox or to have a price sent by e-mail. This creates a better option than buying through an auction seller.