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6L90 Transmission for Sale

The 6L90 gearbox is now part of the 6-speed assemblies built by General Motors in the U.S. These units are installed mostly in trucks and sport utility vehicles. The heavy-duty nature of these units ensures that the right amount of torque is generated for auto owners. Finding a 6L90 transmission for sale in used condition will be simple for people who use this auto website.

GM started introducing larger gearboxes in the 2007 year. The famed 4L65E has been used less often to power newer vehicles. Due to the need for more torque, the hydra-matic assemblies needed a change to 6 gears. The issuance of the 6L80E transmission set the pace of production for the 6L90 now available as an optional automatic unit.

Gen IV Compatible 6L90 Gearboxes

Electronics now take precedence at General Motors. The engineering that has taken place over the past decade has changed the auto industry. The split use of ECM and TCM modules to control motors and gearbox assemblies is a direct benefit to General Motors. Before a person buys a used 6L90 assembly, knowing which engines are compatible is helpful since the Gen III blocks cannot be used.

The reason that not every person updates shifting modules to the new 6L90 is the programming learning curve. Thanks to the transmission control module, an expert re-programming job might be required. This scares some people away from updating a Cadillac, Corvette or SUV vehicle with a better gearbox.

2WD and 4WD 6L90 Editions

There are dual assemblies used in certain vehicle brands. A 2WD vehicle can use both the 6L80 and 6L90. An updated 4WD edition has been produced to handle the requests for 4×4 off-road use. Performing a swap for either of the dual units means ensuring compatibility with a transfer case. Most GM and Jeep series vehicles can accept the 6-speed transmissions.

An advantage that a person has when ordering a brand new gearbox is the OEM quality. Dealerships install new assemblies when a manufacturing defect is acknowledged. For someone who does not have this luxury, paying for a second hand automatic transmission is the next best option. The PreownedTransmissions.com website offers instant access the inventory and price levels for consumers.

Cheap 6L90 GM Transmissions for Sale

Taking advantage of a sale price is not a luxury that some adults have. Too many retailers market automobile components at the highest price possible. Although the junk and salvage market do provide alternatives, the quality or condition received for a component can vary. The instant process to find out how much it costs to swap out a 6L90 transmission here is helpful.

Access to all current inventory is supplied on this page. Take the year and the model of a vehicle and choose each from the search tool. A price is calculated that already includes freight charges.