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6R140 Ford Transmission for Sale

The 6R140 is a heavy-duty Ford transmission. This is found in SuperDuty diesel trucks. The 6.7-liter Powerstroke engine is usually found with the 6-speed units. Although a manual mode is available, this gearbox is an automatic controlled assembly. To buy or find a price for a 6R140 transmission for sale, use the quote system on this page.

Durable 6-Gear Torqshift

In order to separate new builds, Ford Motor Company created its 6R series. The success of the Silverado and its powerful assemblies brought needed changes to the F-150 truck transmissions at Ford. The usage of electronic controls is still standard. The name Torqshift is now used to identify the updated models.

In the year 2010, production began for the diesel enabled builds. The use of dual planetary gears is still in place although two overdrive gears are now installed. Ford even developed a Power Take Off (PTO) system that receives power from the torque converter. This guarantees a power boost.

The shipping weight of the 6R150 is about 325 pounds. This is a dry weight that does not include any fluid. A lockup system is installed to provide low speed torque. The use of a 6R140 shift lever is now common on the interior cab to get access to all six gears.

Warranty for Ford Diesel Transmissions

The used auto parts market is tough to navigate. There are resellers, DIY sellers and some reliable shops. While most of what can be found comes from junk yards, there are some good suppliers. PreownedTransmissions.com built its own partnerships in the USA and Canada. Yes, salvage companies are tapped to supply what is listed here on sale.

Through a parts protection plan, each person has his or her own coverage available. The length of every warranty document depends on mileage and condition once received. The most integral components are always covered with a few exceptions. This comes at zero cost to a gearbox buyer here.

Ford did announce a recall for some trucks with 6-speed assemblies in 2015. This affected only a small number of people. Each unit in the warehouse inventory here has been tested already for problems. No defects have been found internally or externally prior to sale.

Buy Used 6R140 Inventory

Nothing here is rebuilt or remanufactured. That is a separate charge and process. What can be ordered is a certified used product. These are removed from broken down or junked pickup trucks. Mileage is always provided when someone asks before placing an order. For fair pricing, use the quotes tool here.

Anyone call call offline to get a better understanding of what is in stock. There are differences in F-Series parts. It helps to give a specialist a VIN number or other piece of information. This does ensure all discounted MSRP is quoted properly.