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6R60 Transmission for Sale

Part of the new 6-speed transmissions from Ford includes the 6R60 series. These were brought into production around the 2005 year. This model was built for use in vehicles that have V6 or larger motors. Because development takes a few years, the initial installation was delayed. You can order a 6R60 transmission for sale at this website.

The only negative thing that consumers have reported in the near decade long production of the 6R series is one component. Ford Motor Company moved to using shift accumulators because of the series of electronics placed inside. These little modules can go bad or even stick during an up shift or down shift.

Where to Install the 6R60

Before the Mercury brand of automobiles was removed from production, the 6R60 automatic gearbox was found inside of the Mountaineer. No other models were produced that carried this high-tech assembly.

The main vehicles that utilized the 6-speed to its full potential included the F150, Explorer and Sport Trac Explorer. Ford needed a better gearbox to use with its Cologne 4.0 and bigger motors. To date, the unit is still being produced in the state of Michigan.

Not all units were assembled with a dip stick to check the available fluid. The relaxed method of oil changes is a new concept in auto manufacturing. Most mechanics that regularly replace oil do recommend a 15,000 mile service schedule. A plug will have to be drilled to change the oil in units without the dipstick.

Shift Parts Warranty Plans

Installations are always covered when they are completed correctly. No labor is part of our warranty package although most consumers will never activate their coverage. Any springs, valves, seals and gaskets are always checked prior to us shipping a unit out. These last minute checks are what prevents unhappy consumers at the time of delivery.

You get a solid three years to use our units without wondering about failed parts. There is mileage on the products, but we try to choose only the best low mileage versions. The scrap yards where we acquire what you can order here are all top agencies.

Buy 6R60 Transmissions

Your price is determined using our quote tool. We also take requests by telephone. Call us toll-free and check the status of our inventory. You will be told how many units we have in stock. We will also run a verification on your VIN if you want to match your automobile. You are given time to review your quote before ordering. Check your e-mail after completing any request. We like to send a copy of what you can review here online. This makes ordering very easy and less stressful.