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6R75 Transmission for Sale

Ford debuted its 6R75 automatic transmission in 2006 automobiles. Built in Michigan in the USA, this gearbox found its way into many large sized SUVs and trucks. It is compatible with V6 and V8 engines. The T1 platform was designed for fail-proof parts. A used 6R75 transmission for sale is available to consumers at a cheap price here.

Specs of the 6R75

There are six gears found in the ZF inspired assembly. Because of good electronic controls, a TCM is the main component of the 6R75. The intelligent performance lead to easier shifting in high and low gears. The second hand 6-speed found here is still in production.

There were several motor vehicles that received the automatic six-gear assemblies. The Expedition, Explorer and Mountaineer from Mercury all shared the torque of the 6R75 gearbox. Compatibility with the Ecoboost and Triton motor blocks is one of the benefits of doing a swap.

To identify the stamp, one must understand how it is constructed. The “6” refers to the number of gears. The “R” means reverse mounted. The “75” is for the gross vehicle weight of 7500 pounds. A recycled auto part does not always have identifying numbers so this data is helpful.

Overdrive Transmissions in Stock

A complete inventory of Ford powertrain assemblies are offered. These are pulled right from a wrecked or exchanged vehicle. The partners that remove this inventory include junk yards and dismantling agencies in North America. PreownedTransmissions.com then lists these units on our website.

A warranty period of two years or more is always standard. Although most factory coverage has lapsed, it is still essential to guarantee what components are left on the gearbox. Suppliers that provide reconditioned models sometimes use aftermarket parts. All OEM units that are retailed here include original parts.

Buy Salvage 6-Speed Gearboxes

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There are naturally questions that come up about our inventory. Instead of a generic FAQ page, we provide real human beings. Placing a call any day of the week is helpful. Our specialists can look in our warehouse and ensure the best price is available. With a low MSRP, we normally beat out any competition online.