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6T30 Transmission for Sale

MH9 is the RPO code for the 6T30 GM transmission. It is for sale on this website. For a buyer, learning a little about the history of an assembly is essential. Not many people might know that GM enabled use with a turbo engine for the same 6-speed automatic. In staying true to the hydramatic family, General Motors continues to build the 6T30 transmission for sale.

Specs of the 6T30 Gearbox

It is very common to find the 6-gear assemblies used with I4 and turbocharged engines. A mixture of all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive enabled vehicles can handle the multiple gear ratios. The final drive ratio is fixed at 3.47. This includes factoring in the reverse gear.

The highest RPM count that the 6T30 can take is 4364. There are a series of three planetary gears. This is a new concept known as clutch to clutch shifting technology. By utilizing variable flow solenoid packs, a much smoother ride is achieved for users of the 6T30.

The shipping weight is around 158 pounds. This measurement was taken without oil in the assembly. The China mainland manufacturing scheduled helped to provide reliable stock for the Chevy Cruze and Chevy Sonic cars. The reliability factor is one thing to look out for when shopping for a preowned 6-speed transmission.

Used 6-Speed Automatic Maintenance

When someone will change the oil, the pan must be checked for holes. The owner manual states that fluid must be drained when hot. This ensures that no clogs happen. The recommended fluid is Dexron VI. This is available for purchase at most auto parts retail stores. It takes about 5 gallons to fill an empty GM 6T30 gearbox.

PreownedTransmissions.com knows that long-term maintenance is important. It is because of this fact that a warranty is offered during checkout here. A buyer going through the purchase process is granted a two-year parts coverage option. This is always included in the calculated selling price.

6L30 Replacement Transmission Prices

The specs have been given. The history has been displayed. The only part left is to produce a sale price. People shopping here always get access to the best discounts. This is part of the promise. By using the RPO or other ID stamp, taking a look into the database on this page generates a discounted MSRP.

All salvage and secondary market inventory is checked for problems. There will be nothing promoted on this portal that is not ready for shipment. A more customized price quotation is available offline. Calling into the service department is not a hassle. In under a minute, all needed data can be acquired prior to finishing up the ordering process.