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A132L Transmission for Sale

The A132L is an automatic three-speed Toyota transmission. It was used from 1988 through the 1999 year. It gained its fame after installations took place in the Tercel cars. It was built to only use ATF Dexron II fluid. It is one of the last of the smaller gearboxes produced. We have an A132L transmission for sale for a very good price here at PreownedTransmissions.com.

The motors that were manufactured like the 1.5L four-cylinder offered the perfect setup for the 3-gear assemblies. The Tercel is just one of many vehicles that were designed and produced with a small but reliable engine. The Toyota A132L transmission units that are available for purchase here are authentic units.

Used Toyota Automatic Transmission

The regular three-speed only represents one portion of inventory that we have in stock. All of the 4-speed and larger units that were made after 1985 are found here. By making stops at junk yards in the USA, what we acquire gives a buyer a one-stop shop. What is promoted to people on this site is certified preowned.

When someone needs a repair, the first thing looked at is an A132L overhaul kit. These are still sold through some discount retailers. While there are a few upgrade parts in the kit, this is not a substitute for an actual rebuild. It can be cheaper and more reliable to go with a preowned assembly rather than trying to study the A132L transmission diagram.

Coverage for Parts and Labor

36 months is the time frame that PreownedTransmissions.com has for its standard warranty term. This covers a professional install and regular usage patterns. If a component does fail prematurely, it could be protected with the warranty plan. The mechanic labor charged as well as the replacement cost of the component can be remedied through this coverage.

The single selling price that is displayed already has the protection cost inside of it. No car owner, service shop or other buyer needs to pay additional money. The only thing someone has to do on their own is to activate the warranty before trying to use it.

Buy Certified A132L Transmissions

Line pressure checks, cleaning and a qualified inspection is part of what our team does for consumers. The promises that we make to people are always upheld. Someone can order a second hand gearbox for Toyota cars using this website. Going into the warehouse computer system to look around for current prices is simple. If something does not display correctly, pick up the phone and speak with our specialists right now. You will never overpay for a used Toyota automatic transmission again.