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A341E Transmissions for Sale

The A341E is an automatic Toyota transmission used in Lexus LS400 cars. It was used throughout the United States as well as Japan. The main selling points on this model were the unique lockup clutch and torque converter. It was most often used along with the 1UZ-FE engines in import vehicles. You can find cheap A341E transmission for sale on this page.

Manufacturing began in 1990. The usage in vehicles stopped in 2000 in favor of different gearbox technologies. The A341 automatic transmission is part of the FR series. The GS300 and cars from Volvo also had the four-speed builds installed. It was more than an above average gearbox during its decade long production.

Buying Toyota Gearboxes Cheaply

There is a way to purchase and a way not to purchase. Some people take the low cost route and end up paying more down the road due to repairs. Leaking fluid, TCM burnout and other issues are rampant in the second hand products industry. What sets apart one company from the next is proper evaluations.

While the price structures here are lower, quality still remains at a higher point. The entire A series gearboxes that are on sale daily are always checked out by a qualified person. The employees that we have on staff know what is good and what is bad. Little things like checking the casing for leaks and steam cleaning it go a long way.

A341E Warranty Package

Everyone who buys from our company gets respect through a warranty. Sometimes, it just makes sense to have the extra peace of mind. We could simply sell the same Toyota junk yard transmissions that other companies retail and be happy with it. The reputation of the company would suffer. Taking into consideration all factors, we always supply up to a three-year parts warranty.
The sticker price, also referred to as the selling price, does change periodically. This is why someone will never look at an outdated price sheet here. The computer update process that we go to makes certain each of our SKU numbers and ID tags are accurately priced. The full stock and what we have on order is displayed to all components buyers.

Buy Used Toyota Transmissions

Our inventory consists of all this preowned. What we do provide is a certification that all data is correctly. You have the freedom to ask us anything about our products before you buy them. It is possible that we can even match a price that you might have found elsewhere that could be lower. Take a look at our schedule of pricing using our quote tool. You may also call us through our customer service department and ask any questions.