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A413 Transmission for Sale

A413 is the original transmission built by Chrysler prior to the 31TH renaming system in the 1990s. This model is unique because it is only a 3-speed unit. It was made for use with larger 4-cylinder engines that had bigger horsepower than was needed for vehicles produced after 1981. It is easy to buy an A413 transmission for sale when exploring inventory on this website.

A404 or A413 3-Speed Gearboxes

The production that was initiated at Chrysler in the 1970s led to the development of the A404 gearbox. The TorqueFlite technology was already being used in the Plymouth and Dodge brands. Because the A404 was meant for a smaller motor, it provided the perfect foundation to build the A413 that would provide shifting in all K-series motor vehicles.

The solid construction of the base A413 is one thing that has kept the interest in these units. While the 2001 year was the final year of active production, the secondary market is one place to look for replacement 3-speed gearboxes for Chrysler company vehicles. Brands such as the Omni, LeBaron, Sundance, Charger, lancer, Spirit, Acclaim, Neon and Reliant use the A413 automatic transmission.

The classic automatic gearboxes that were built between 1981 and 2001 did not include an overdrive gear. While Ford and General Motors offered this upgrade, Chrysler did not install this inside any of the A404 or A413 assemblies. Since there is no way to tell if a previous owner actually serviced a gearbox, the used market can be cluttered with poor quality replacement transmissions.

Used A413 TorqueFlite 3-Speed

Most gearboxes were installed with a torque converter that provided a lockup feature at Chrysler. It is not uncommon to find a non-lockup torque converter A413 for sale. One reason that some retail prices remain low is because the gearbox assemblies are sometimes not in complete condition. Some people rebuild or modify the internal gearing in order to make improvements to the torque.

The PreownedTransmissions.com company only supplies top quality and certified gearboxes for Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge brands. This cuts down on unhappy people and improves customer relationships. Since the TorqueFlite A413 assembly is so popular, the added protection of the components warranty supplied here is an excellent inclusion. This is offered for zero extra costs to purchasers.

Buy Chrysler Automatic Transmissions Online

Most people do not wait when a low price is offered for a good condition gearbox. Supply in most parts of the country is limited. Getting an OEM build is kind of rare in modern society. The distribution and order fulfillment companies that supply every used Chrysler transmission through this website are great partners. This improves the assurance that consumers have in this website.

A quote in price can always be found when using the quotation tool placed on this website. A person will need at minimum the model and production year of a Chrysler vehicle to get started. All low pricing is exclusive to this website and is always under MSRP.