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A440F Transmission for Sale

Toyota built its A440F transmission and offered it for sale in 1985 to 1992. It is most associated with the Land Cruiser vehicle. This assembly is unique because it does not have modern day electronics. Even though technology was available at the time, it was not utilized in this product. You can find an A440F transmission for sale in our current inventory.

The specs of the Toyota A transmission are simple to understand. Some of the modules were hydraulic controlled and others were electromechanical. One difference that sets apart the A440F assembly is the inclusion of the lockup torque converter. Most four-speed gearboxes that were built in the mid 1980s did not feature this luxury.

Toyota Gearbox Buyers Guide

Knowing what order and what to avoid on the Internet is a learned skill. Some of the vintage assemblies from import automakers were built to last decades. Everything that is wrong or right with an automatic transmission stems from previous ownership. What junk yard owners do not speak publicly about is mileage and condition.

Before you order a used Toyota A440F transmission, mileage verification is a must. Through our page here, you can confirm the usage and miles on the assembly. This data will push towards the sale or away from the sale. Last but not least, a warranty program needs to be in your must-have list. PreownedTransmissions.com gives this to you.

Avoiding Transmission Problems

Dexron II is the preferred ATF fluid that goes into most automatic assemblies. Even if you cannot find this in your local parts store, there must be a replacement available. Many automakers use this lubricant to keep the gears and brake bands from snapping.

Three planetary gears are located inside of the A440F gearbox assembly. Each must have the right amount of lubrication. Chips from the metal end up in the bottom of your oil pan. These pieces can get recirculated into your assembly. This is the root of all problems.

Buy Automatic Four-Speed Transmissions

Toyota and its assortment of trucks and SUVs are what we support with our inventory. We are very honest with consumers. All of what is presented on this page is junk yard quality. Keeping the quality high means we do have to refuse some products. There is no better method of building a strong reputation than to pick and choose parts.

You will get a price quote if you request one here on this website. You will be asked to give us your model year and motor size. What we calculate next is your discount. In basic terms, we can ship units free of charge if they are delivered to a commercial address. Your warranty will require us to activate it once you have ordered.