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A46DF Transmission for Sale

Toyota built its A46DF automatic transmission in 1990. It was used for powering the Previa MPV vans. While these vehicles were only built through the 1997 time period, the lasting impact is still felt by consumers who own a running van. Good inventory can still be secured through a secondary resource like this website. Buy an A46DF transmission for sale here.

The 2.4L engine was the I4 block selected for use with the four-speed A transmission. An overdrive clutch and brake were featured in the assembly. There are a number of separate gear sets that were installed. The housing and valve body springs were standard in all Toyota gearboxes built during this time in history.

Toyota 4-Speed Gearboxes

The Previa directly competed with Chrysler, Mazda, Ford and rival automakers during the seven-year production time frame. Because the transmission inside worked with AWD as well as FWD, the later versions of the MPV van series were sold with a 2.4L all-wheel drive pairing. Toyota is one of the many companies that began utilizing more control over its gearboxes through electronic computer systems.

What anyone will find on this page is in second hand condition. What this refers to is previous ownership. These are not taken out of dealership inventories. They are not aftermarket assemblies. Someone who wants an OEM version, but does not have the money to buy one will likely order an A46DF gearbox used.

Toyota A Transmission Warranty

Every one of the A series assemblies that are sold here at PreownedTransmissions.com receive warranty protection. This is much better than what consumers can find using standard auction websites like eBay or Backpage. The low price provided mixed in with the term protection plans is a win-win for any van owner or automotive mechanic.

The actual length is around three years for our policies. This is a good amount of time to experience the quality well after an installation is completed. The good source of builds that we are represented here are all removed from local junk yards in the USA.

Buy A46DF Transmissions

Do not let your Toyota van suffer because of a bad gearbox. Replacement units are available when people know where to find them. We do not advertise on TV. We also do not advertise in print magazines. Prices are equally distributed in quote formation to all users of our portal here. Get the best and mos accurate data by relying on our customized computer system. Our associates can even speak with consumers by phone to help with order placement.