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A4LD Transmission for Sale

Ford modified the power level of its C3 gearbox with new gearing to provide an overdrive effect for car owners in 1985. The result of this change was the A4LD transmission model. The control of torque through an electronic process was the main feature of this new unit. Someone who is taking part in the research process to discover how to buy an A4LD transmission for sale can get helpful tips when using this website.

Ford Motor Company made the initial introduction of the newly adapted A4LD gearbox in the Ford Bronco II. The electronic controlled gearbox was initially designed for the I4 and V6 engine types. Because the Ranger and Mustang at that time used 2.3 or smaller engine types, the electronic A4LD transmissions were installed. Ford ended up discontinuing the production of this variation of a gearbox in the 2002 year with its Mazda series.

What Transmission Replaced the A4LD Model?

The torque ratios of larger engines did not cooperate with the original design of the Ford AL4D transmission. The rear-drive platform did have four forward gears although the higher torque range did not work well. Ford updated its transmission types to the popular 4R44E and the later adapted 4R55E. By the early 2000s, there was no active production of the A4LD only models.

The overdrive nature of the electronic A4LD series was used in more than two vehicle types. Ford Motor Company expanded its installations into the Aerostar, Explorer, Mazda B, Thunderbird and the short-lived Sierra vehicles. Someone who cannot find a local dealership to supply a used condition gearbox will likely have to choose an Internet-based dealer for Ford models.

Reported A4LD Transmission Problems

Some previous gearboxes owners have reported some problems with the solenoid. This was attributed to a coil wire that was burned or shorted out due to heat from the gearbox. Other gearbox owners have reported issues with lock washers that come loose and allow dirt to enter the oil pan. Any gearbox sold through the PreownedTransmissions.com website is free of reported errors or problems.

Where to Purchase Classic Used Transmissions

A person who is told by a local dealer that the A4LD gearboxes are no longer available to purchase can benefit from the inventory on this website. A nationwide search of all available inventory can be conducted through use of this website. All prices that are showcased are current and all warranties that are supplied are included in the displayed sale prices.