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Acura Transmissions for Sale

Acura is known for being part of the Honda company. This class of luxury that is projected in an Acura motor vehicle also provides quality components under the hood. Most Honda gearboxes are designed to work with all Acura brands and other subsidiaries. The Preowned Transmissions company sells most makes or models of used Acura transmissions for sale at great prices.

Did you know Honda identifies gearboxes with case codes? Internal manufacturing is only one phase of vehicle manufacturing. In most cases in the world, automakers use the facilities of engineering companies to develop automatic or manual transmissions. Many of the luxury Acura vehicles showcase gearboxes that are produced by companies like Jatco in Japan.

Case Codes for Acura Transmissions

There are a number of different ways to identify a gearbox made by Honda. The actual transmission ID tag can be one way although these are not always visible upon inspection. What Honda does that some companies do not do is provide a specific case code. This identifies the gearbox and can help a person to choose the type of unit that is required as a replacement.

The following Acura transmissions list will provide a researcher hoping to find a match for a specific gearbox with an excellent resource.


The Acura gearboxes can be listed as one of multiple versions. There are inline editions, units with dual oil pans, transverse or multiple shaft designs. The case codes can help identify which assemblies are which to help with easier research.

Acura Gearboxes for I4 and V6 Motors

One thing Honda makes sure of when producing auto parts is cross compatibility. Because there are so many brands of vehicles, it is essential that gearboxes work well with specific motors. All Acura brand assemblies that are for sale as preowned on this website work with the various V6 and I4 motors found in luxury vehicles. A complete reference can be provided once a VIN number is supplied during the checkout procedures when sales are final.

How to Purchase Used Gearboxes Online

There is a familiar procedure for price discovery that is used directly on this website. The fact that consumers need a little help sometimes is not a problem. A customer service rep is always available to take phone calls if answers are not located while on this page. A person can even quote a price using the one-touch tool that is featured. The way to purchase and still save cash is by using a trusted retailer. Prices that are low, warranties that are free and same day order processing add up to a lot here.