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Used Transmission for Chevy Cobalt On Sale

The 4T45 is an automatic transmission used in the Chevy Cobalt car. It is for sale to any buyer using this website. The 2.0 and 2.4 motor assemblies were connected to the four-speed gearbox. It is a very common setup in modern day passenger cars at GM. Someone researching online for a used transmission for a Chevy Cobalt can shop here. Pay a cheap price for a quality product. Cobalt …Read More

Used Chevy Trailblazer Transmission

The Trailblazer at Chevy by GM used a four-speed transmission when it was for sale. There were two assemblies that graced the interior of this mid-size SUV. Both of the types had the same electronics. Only one was equipped for the biggest V8 available after 2005. PreownedTransmissions.com can sell you a used Chevy Trailblazer transmission for a special price. Replacement Transmission for Trailblazer The assembly that was selected first by …Read More

Corvette Z06 Automatic Transmission

The M12 series was the gearbox selected for installation in the C5 Z06 Corvette in 2001. This assembly is a rear mounted design that was built exclusively to match the luxuries offered in the Corvette brand. Because paying too much at a Chevy dealership for OEM parts is common, someone can be a Corvette Z06 automatic transmission in used condition right from this website. The years of production for the …Read More

Used Chevy Cobalt Transmission

GM marketed the Cobalt with multiple engines and several transmissions during its 5-year production period. Both sedan and coupe models were sold to the public in an effort to push new technology to modern car buyers. The compact motor vehicles are still going strong at General Motors and finding replacement parts does not have to be problematic for a consumer. Paying for a used Chevy Cobalt transmission will be cheaper …Read More

Used Chevy Avalanche 4L80E Transmission

New transmissions were built by General Motors for the 1991 year of production. This included the 4L80E and smaller gear ratio designs. Different trucks and SUV platforms have used the four-speed automatic transmissions to achieve a balance of power. This website provides the place to buy used Chevy Avalanche 4L80E transmission inventory for close to a wholesale price online. The internal code for all 4L80E gearboxes is M1. The exact …Read More

Used 4L80E Transmission

The history of General Motors transmissions continues to evolve in the 21st century. The classic TH technology has been revamped into electronically powered transmission assemblies. One of the strongest models built during the 1991 year is the 4L series. Someone who is ready to buy a used 4L80E transmission online will appreciate the inventory in stock and shipping nationally at this PreownedTransmissions.com website. What the E Means in a GM …Read More

Cavalier Transmission Used

When the Cavalier was introduced to American car buyers in 1982, General Motors was still unsure about the overall acceptance of this vehicle. The initial 1.8L motor was one of the smallest in the J body design used in the U.S. market. The compact structure of the vehicle made it crucial to find the right transverse front engine type to power the car. Buying a replacement Cavalier transmission used is …Read More

Chevy Impala Transmissions for Sale

Chevy Impala Transmissions for Sale As one of the oldest GM vehicles, the Impala has had its share of success in the automotive industry. The engines and transmissions are two key components in General Motors vehicles. From the Powerglide editions to the newer electronic versions, buyers can find Chevy Impala transmissions for sale from this website. The gearboxes used inside of the Impala since the early days have changed almost …Read More

Chevy Venture Transmission

Chevrolet vehicles had a new competitor in the global market in 1997 known as the Venture. The minivan market was hitting record sales the the LA1 series engines were popular for GM. The pairing of a V6 engine and electronic transmission were two of the reasons for success with the Venture. PreownedTransmissions.com provides one of the available resources to find Chevy Venture transmission inventory on the Internet. The selected gearbox …Read More

S10 Transmission for Blazer

S10 Blazer was the answer to the S10 trucks series only in a four-wheel drive design. This SUV was produced by GM from 1983 until the 2005 year. There were more than one transmission type used for the production of the Blazer series. PreownedTransmissions.com currently provides an expanding inventory to find an S10 transmission for Blazer SUVs online. The base level gearbox in the 1980s was the popular 700R4 automatic. …Read More