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545RFE for Sale

Chrysler placed its 545RFE for sale in the U.S. during the 2001 year. This transmission used to be a four-speed assembly. An extra gear was added and the option code was changed. The unit needed to be more powerful to work with the V8 engines built at the time. You can still find a used version of this unit on this website. Buy a 545RFE for sale here. There are …Read More

Used Chrysler A470 Transmission

A470 is the option code for a Chrysler transmission. This assembly was used in most K-series platform vehicles built after the year 1985. It is an automatic controlled unit. There are three gears not including the regular reverse gear. A consumer who is shopping for a used Chrysler A470 transmission online can buy one here. The A series gearboxes were first built back in 1981. This was the year that …Read More

Used 30RH Transmission for Sale

The 30RH is the renamed A904 transmission found for sale in Chrysler vehicles. It was used in the Cherokee and Wrangler exclusively. There are only three gears to be concerned with while shifting. This made it easier on the driver and less complicated to work on for mechanics. Cut out the middle man and get a used 30RH transmission for sale ultra cheap here. 30RH Automatic Shift Specs The renaming …Read More

65RFE Transmissions for Sale

The 65RFE is a Chrysler transmission first used in the 2012 year. It is a revamped version of the older 545RFE with an extra gear and an improved torque converter. New electronics are part of the inner workings of this gearbox. It was built for usage with 4.7L and 5.7L V8 engines. From our warehouse, you can buy 65RFE transmissions for sale here. The way that the 6-speed gearboxes now …Read More

W4A33 Transmission for Sale

Chrysler produced the W4A33-1 transmission by way of its DSM partnership. The Eclipse, Laser and Talon automobiles all benefited from the 4-speed automatic build. Starting in the year 1992, production was scheduled for mass development worldwide. Thanks to second hand suppliers, a used W4A33 transmission for sale can be ordered here. TCU Controlled W4A33-1 As new modules were developed for car parts, transmissions were being updated in the early 1990s. …Read More

31TH Transmission for Sale

The 31TH automatic transmission from Chrysler is for sale on this website. While people might just be price shopping, it helps to know a little about these assemblies. The code name was formerly A413. Automobiles such as the Neon, Caravan and LeBaron benefited from the three-speed shifting. The stock of 31TH transmission for sale inventory here cannot be matched. Specs of the 31TH Gearbox In the early 1980s, automobiles were …Read More

62TE Transmission for Sale

The 6-speed Ultradrive 62TE transmission was built by Chrysler in 2007. As a variant of earlier 41TE builds, V6 enabled vehicles benefited from this new gearbox. The Ram ProMaster and other Dodge automobiles are now using the same 62TE transmission for sale inventory we’re selling here online. The only difference is these are recycled assemblies. Specs of the 62TE Unlike some auto companies, Chrysler developed a low clutch, direct clutch …Read More

W5A580 Transmission for Sale

Chrysler built the W5A580 transmission in the U.S. while marketing the Mercedes cars. With a torque management system, the use of the ECM module was a first. While some people refer to the 5-speed as the 5G-Tronic, a W5A580 transmission for sale can be ordered on this website. This inventory is preowned. NAG1 Gearbox Specs The internal family name for the W5-series transmissions was NAG1. This is an acronym for …Read More

A413 Transmission for Sale

A413 is the original transmission built by Chrysler prior to the 31TH renaming system in the 1990s. This model is unique because it is only a 3-speed unit. It was made for use with larger 4-cylinder engines that had bigger horsepower than was needed for vehicles produced after 1981. It is easy to buy an A413 transmission for sale when exploring inventory on this website. A404 or A413 3-Speed Gearboxes …Read More

Used A604 Transmission

The A604 transmission, now known as the 41TE, was used for decades as part of the Chrysler company inventory of automatic gearboxes. A new design and change of name in the late 1980s could confuse people searching for a used A604 transmission on the web. Rest assured that the 4-speed units are still available to buy and the PreownedTransmissions.com is one of the top suppliers. A604 Ultradrive 4-Speed Transmission Vans …Read More