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Dodge A618 Transmission for Sale

The A618 is an automatic transmission found for sale in Dodge diesel vehicles. With a regular gear ratio of 2:45, this TorqueFlite assembly is known as a dependable unit. The modified option code that Chrysler uses to refer to its older A-Series gearbox is the 47RH. In any case, any consumer can find a Dodge A618 transmission for sale while exploring the inventory on this website. Cummins brand motors are …Read More

Dodge A999 Transmission for Sale

A999 automatic transmission units by Dodge were for sale until 2002. Now called the 32RH, these three-speed units were found behind V8 and V6 engines. Unlike the optional A904, use with heavy-duty vehicles took place in Jeep and other brands. Using the features provided to the public on this site, a Dodge A999 transmission for sale is one of the products found in stock. Among many groups, the A-Series gearboxes …Read More

Used 44RE Transmission

The 44RE transmission was produced by Dodge used in SUV and pickup trucks. Based on the A500 platform, the electronic controlled 4-speed was a primary gearbox. It was made popular in the mid 1990s and can still be found on the second hand market. People who browse inventory on sale here can buy a used 44RE transmission cheaply. TorqueFlite Automatic Assembly The specs changed often for Chrysler components. The push …Read More

47RE Automatic Transmission for Sale

Buy a used Dodge 47RE transmission at a sale price here. Popularized in the year 2004, the 47RE quickly gained fame as a leading gearbox at the Chrysler company. People will find this unit installed with a 5.9L Cummins motor most of the time. The A618 was the classic version of the late model four-speed TorqueFlite editions. Anyone who is beginning to search for a 47RE transmission for sale can …Read More

Dodge 48RE Transmission for Sale

Buy a used Dodge 48RE transmission at a sale price here. The salvage inventory carried for 4-speed gearboxes is second to none. Authentic Chrysler parts and components are available on each assembly shippable nationally. A free warranty plan is part of the e-commerce order processing. Electronic controls are now a big part of the creation of automatic transmissions in the automotive industry. The A618 unit provided the basis for the …Read More

Torqueflite 8 Transmission

Chrysler has had great success with its Torqueflite gearboxes over the past several decades. While the technology is top notch, additional manufacturer additions have helped to perfect Chrysler powertrain parts. The ZF 8HP or Torqueflite 8 transmission is one of the most common components in new Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles in the U.S. Locating these in preowned condition is easy using this website. The ZF series 8-speed configuration was …Read More

2009 Dodge Nitro Transmissions for Sale

2009 Dodge Nitro Transmissions for Sale Nitro by Dodge was one of the first entries into the luxury SUV market. 2009 is one of the popular years for this cross-over vehicle. The compact SUV market has been supported by Chrysler for more than half a decade inside the U.S. A person who is researching ways to buy a used transmission will find 2009 Dodge Nitro transmissions for sale using the …Read More

Dodge Dakota Transmission

Dodge introduced its Dakota truck series in 1987. This truck series was introduced with a smaller 2.2 engine that required a three-speed gearbox. This first edition was soon upgraded with a larger engine and more gearbox types to please truck owners. There is a variety of components used in the Dakota trucks that feature the latest technologies. The Preowned Transmissions company specializes in used Dodge assemblies and provides an easy …Read More

Dodge Ram Transmission

The Chrysler company created the full-size pickup truck known as the Dodge Ram in the 1981 year. The transmissions that were designed for use with this truck were designed for the V6 and slant 6 engines that were used by Chrysler. The same level of production put into the engines was placed into the transmissions development. Chrysler shares its technology with both Dodge and Jeep to provide more opportunities for …Read More

Purchase Dodge Transmissions

Dodge was part of the early auto industry at the start of the 20th century in the U.S. The development put forth by the Dodge Brothers resulted in quality transmissions built and sold for low prices. Long before Chrysler entered the picture, Dodge was a brand that stood on its own and gained its own reputation. Many people who purchase Dodge transmissions know the quality of this brand. A person …Read More