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TH400 for Sale

The TH400 is a GM transmission used for decades in multiple vehicles. It is for sale on this website at a good price. We are experts in acquiring older components for American made automobiles. You can buy a TH400 for sale using the check procedure that consumers follow on this website. PreownedTransmissions.com has used products. The TH (turbo-hydramatic) series gearboxes were built in the 1960s. These feature a cast iron …Read More

GM 6T75 Transmission for Sale

GM built its 6T75 transmission used for the first time in 2007. As a co-manufacturing partnership with Ford, each company produces a variation of the 6-speed base model. This unit is from the hydra-matic family of gearboxes. It is identified with the M7V stamp. A used GM 6T75 transmission for sale is available here online. Specs of the 6T75 Assembly The original build is not an overdrive unit. A separate …Read More

4T45E Transmission for Sale

RPO MN5 is the 4T45E transmission from GM. These are for sale here in used condition. The 45 in the code name identifies that this gearbox is for 4500 pound gross vehicle weight automobiles. These builds were most common to find inside of Chevy, Pontiac, Saturn and Oldsmobile cars. With the success of late model 4-gear assemblies, anyone can buy a 4T45E transmission for sale using the resources on this …Read More

6T30 Transmission for Sale

MH9 is the RPO code for the 6T30 GM transmission. It is for sale on this website. For a buyer, learning a little about the history of an assembly is essential. Not many people might know that GM enabled use with a turbo engine for the same 6-speed automatic. In staying true to the hydramatic family, General Motors continues to build the 6T30 transmission for sale. Specs of the 6T30 …Read More

6T75 Transmission for Sale

GM builds the 6T75 transmission for use and sale with its 6-speed enabled vehicles. This gearbox is derived from a split manufacturing agreement with Ford. In order to market higher quality products, each company has agreed to manufacture a version for use in automobiles. Consumers can buy a 6T75 transmission for sale using this awesome resource online. Making a purchase in the salvage inventory supplied on this page is easy …Read More

4T65E Transmission for Sale

Buy 4T65E HD transmission inventory here. MN7 identifies the 4-speed HD transmissions at GM. It can be a 4×2 or 4×4 model that is installed in a truck or SUV. This unit was the replacement edition for the retired 4T60. The difference between the two versions was the size and power level of the torque converter. The assembly was used for the final time in the 2011 manufacturing year. Any …Read More

GM 6T70 Transmission for Sale Used

The 6T70 automatic transmission is a co-venture by GM and Ford Motor Company in the United States. Each company agreed to produce several variations of 6-speed gearboxes that would be marketed with a range of vehicles. General Motors elected to produce its units in one of it main factories in the state of Michigan. A person needing to find a transverse mounted assembly can find the GM 6T70 transmission for …Read More

TH325-4L Transmission for Sale

Th GM TH325-4L transmission is actually a 4-speed model used in most Buick and Cadillac vehicles made between 1982 and 1985. This gearbox is unique because it is the upgrade to the regular TH325 edition introduced in the 1970s. The difference between the two versions is the installation of the overdrive system in the 4L model. Someone using this portal to find a TH325-4L transmission for sale will never pay …Read More

4L30 Transmission for Sale With Price Drop

GM used its 4L30 transmission between the production years of 1991 and 2001 in the North American market. The development of a 4-speed gearbox that was capable of electronic controls was one of the firsts for General Motors. The France produced E series models were ultimately installed in a number of vehicles. A buyer of vehicle parts ready to find a 4L30 transmission for sale online can shop this parts …Read More

Used 4T40 Transmission

1995 was the year GM launched its 4T40 transmission. This 4-speed model was one of the new automatic builds that were picked to replace the outdated turbo-hydramatic family. While the 4T40 has since been replaced by the 6T40, it is still a build that is in demand for a number of GM manufactured or subsidiary brand vehicles. Buying a used 4T40 transmission is super easy using this automotive website. The …Read More