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6L80 Transmission for Sale

The regular production option code MYC for General Motors refers to the 6L80 gearbox. As a variant of the TH series, this 6-speed edition is one of the newest builds found in Cadillac, Chevy and other GMC vehicles. While dealerships continue to provide service for OEM units, used auto owners can struggle to find retailers selling used 6L80 transmission for sale inventory. The second hand inventory of gearboxes that can …Read More

6L90 Transmission for Sale

The 6L90 gearbox is now part of the 6-speed assemblies built by General Motors in the U.S. These units are installed mostly in trucks and sport utility vehicles. The heavy-duty nature of these units ensures that the right amount of torque is generated for auto owners. Finding a 6L90 transmission for sale in used condition will be simple for people who use this auto website. GM started introducing larger gearboxes …Read More

Used 40TE Transmission

Chrysler updated its gearboxes in 2004 with the production of the 40TE transmission. Originally based on the 41TE design, the new models were only fitted into Chrysler or Dodge vehicles. This was actually a lower cost way of creating new technology for upgrading the shift mechanism. When swapping a used 40TE transmission, paying the lowest price possible is easy using this website to buy. One way to tell a 41TE …Read More

Used 6T40 Transmission

The 6-speed 6T40 gearbox was announced for GM vehicle installations in the year 2008. This series is a continuation of the original turbo-hydramatic assemblies started in the 1980s. One of the strong points of the automatic GM transmissions available is the better ratio of fuel mileage. Someone using this website to find a used 6T40 transmission online will be happy. GM upgraded its TH gearbox family by adding 2WD and …Read More

Used 6L50 Transmission for Sale

In the year 2006, GM created one of its best transmissions to date. This model is known as the 6L50. The clutch shift design was a update to the earlier 5L40E series. While 6-speed gearboxes are new to most General Motors vehicles, these units can be purchased in second hand condition on the web. Buying used 6L50 transmission for sale inventory is easy using this parts portal. Installation into a …Read More

Used 5L40E Transmission for Sale

1998 was the first year of active production for the 5-speed gearboxes used in some Cadillac vehicles. This unit was built only for use in vehicles that had a longitudinal engine design. This means that only motors with displacements ranging between 1.8 and 3.6 could be used. A person replacing an automatic GM assembly can find used 5L40E transmission for sale inventory here. There are two different RPO codes that …Read More