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Used 440T4 Transmission

In 1985, General Motors started updating its turbo-hydramatic series gearboxes for installation into a new fleet of vehicles. The all-new transaxle design did not include many of the earlier parts used in the 125 series. A person who cannot find a classic transmission for sale online, can use this resource to locate a used 440T4 transmission that is rated with lower than average mileage. The groundwork for the THM440T4 was …Read More

GMC Yukon Transmission

GMC first used the Yukon nameplate in 1969 although 1991 was the first official production year. The SUV body style was updated for use with smaller V8 engine blocks. GM pioneered the luxury SUV development in the U.S. and placed emphasis on the Yukon. The PreownedTransmissions.com supplies GMC Yukon transmission inventory for prices that rival most discount sources in the U.S. The 5.3 V8 is by far the most common …Read More

Buy GMC Transmissions

The GMC brands of vehicles distributed in the United States feature many gearboxes used in Chevrolet vehicles. Unlike the engines manufacturing for GMC, transmissions that are used are often interchangeable inside Chevrolet and GMC vehicles. This has created a simpler method for locating replacements for nearly any type of vintage or late model General Motors vehicles. The gearboxes found on this resource work correctly with straight 6, V6 and V8 …Read More

Purchase GMC Transmissions

GMC is a standalone brand for the General Motors company. The make of each GMC vehicle is usually a derivative of the comparable Chevrolet brand. While each of the GM brands are different, many of the auto parts that are used inside remain the same. The General Motors Company builds feature transmission technologies that are featured across most vehicles. A simple way to purchase GMC transmissions involves being a smarter …Read More