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J30A1 Transmission Sale

A J30A1 Honda engine will accept a four-speed automatic or 6-speed transmission. It is almost impossible to find the 5-speed versions that will fit. Anyone who has a Sixth Generation Accord, Acura CL or Odyssey has likely encountered issues trying to swap a gearbox. Right on this page, a J30A1 transmission that is compatible is for sale. The import vehicle market changes from year to year. What is supported by …Read More

Y21 Transmission for Sale

Your B series Honda engine can use the Y21 transmission we have for sale here. These assemblies are hydraulic controlled. They are not the cable type found in some JDM vehicles. The B16 series blocks were meant for power. Part of this performance is relegated to the gearbox. Buy a Y21 transmission for sale at a low price here. S80 or Y21 You might be looking for the S80. Some …Read More

Used Honda Pilot AWD Transmission

The Pilot by Honda still reigns supreme for its vehicle quality. Part of what makes this motor vehicle special is not only the crossover appeal. The expertly designed and manufactured components that make up the drive train have helped Honda to excel since 2003. A used Honda Pilot AWD transmission is for sale on this resource to provide an affordable solution for second hand gearbox buyers. The real strength of …Read More

Purchase Honda Transmissions

Honda is the primary manufacturer of its own transmissions used in the U.S. and Japan. The technology that these assemblies offer to vehicle owners is one reason for the continued vehicle success achieved each year. The naming of each gearbox is different with each Honda creation. The development from 1973 to the current year is featured on this Preowned Transmissions company resource. The fastest way to purchase Honda engines is …Read More