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Used NSG370 Transmission for Sale

The NSG370 is a fully equipped manual transmission that is for sale here online. This is a German built assembly. It was added to the Chrysler company as a primary 6-speed in 2005. The casing is made out of aluminum to make it lighter and easier to remove. PreownedTransmissions.com has a used NSG370 transmission for sale among the manual shift inventory that is offered here. 10 Spline or 23 Spline …Read More

T18A Transmission for Sale

The T18A is a Borg Warner transmission found for sale in Ford and Jeep vehicles. Some motor vehicles from International also used this assembly. It was built for installations into ¾ ton up to one-ton vehicles. It weighs about 145 pounds when it is completely dry. You can buy a T18A transmission for sale when using this auto parts website. The housings that were designed in the 1960s were cast …Read More

V161 Transmission for Sale

The V161 is a performance transmissions typically for sale by Getrag. You can order these used right here online. First built in 1996, this six-speed gearbox was placed into the higher geared Toyota Supra cars. While its final year of use was 2002, people can still buy a V161 transmission for sale through portals like our website. The engine size mixed with a properly geared transmission is what produces top …Read More

NV5600 Transmission for Sale

Dodge trucks used the NV5600 6-speed transmission starting in 1998. It was for sale mostly with the Cummins engine, but other blocks were used too. The design is a manual design meaning that it does not feature automatic controls. It was the primary shifter in ¾ ton and one-ton pickup trucks. Get your NV5600 transmission for sale and cut out the middleman here. For freight purposes, a person who is …Read More

Used Automatic Car Transmissions

The automatic transmissions used for cars in the U.S. and in Europe can be one of many different styles. The auto engineering that has taken place over the past 40 years has helped promote new shifting patterns. Consumers now have access to a softer shift, AWD, 4WD and 2WD options. This is compared with what was built prior to the year 1980. Someone hoping to locate automatic car transmissions used …Read More

Used Manual Car Transmissions

Manual transmissions were always used in cars until the end of the 1970s when better technology was discovered. The hydraulic controls, springs and clutches that are found in a stick-shift assembly have been replaced by electric controls and magnets. While it is possible to buy manual car transmissions used, inventory is getting more difficult to find on the web. This resource provides what might be considered the best resource for …Read More

Wholesale Transmissions on Sale

Paying wholesale for transmissions in the auto industry used to be a luxury offered only to B2B buyers. With the expansion of online networks, there are now more secondary sellers that are breaking the rules of selling vehicle parts and accessories to customers. The middlemen have been cut out of the picture and now every person can benefit from a much lower price. There are used wholesale transmissions on sale …Read More

Used 125C Transmission

22 years of production by General Motors was placed into the TH125 transmission assembly. This 3-speed gearbox was first developed and marketed in the 1980 year and is sometimes referred to as the 3T40. Nearly all body styles of vehicles were adapted to fit the 125 series gearbox during its production run. Purchasing a used 125C transmission for sale has never been so easy using this auto parts website online. …Read More

The Ultimate guide to Vidmate’s free movie and music streaming

Just watched a video on Facebook that you’d want to download on your smart phone and share it with your friends on WhatsApp?  Vidmate offers you exactly what you have been looking for! One of the coolest applications, Vidmate offers you smooth download of 1000+ videos, audio files, and movies. It even allows buffer free Live TV watching a great experience. In the guide below we will be taking you …Read More