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Cavalier Transmission Used

When the Cavalier was introduced to American car buyers in 1982, General Motors was still unsure about the overall acceptance of this vehicle. The initial 1.8L motor was one of the smallest in the J body design used in the U.S. market. The compact structure of the vehicle made it crucial to find the right transverse front engine type to power the car. Buying a replacement Cavalier transmission used is a good way to get a vehicle back on the road.

GM experienced with four engine types from 1982 to 1989. While several used the four-cylinder technology, only one type was offered as a V6. This provided more flexibility for the gearboxes to shine. The early editions were automatic and provided only three speeds. This was later corrected as the engine sizes were increased. The issuance of a four and a five-speed Cavalier transmission assured car buyers of accurate speed changes.

Types of Chevy Cavalier Transmissions

The primary gearboxes used for the Cavalier motor vehicles were either automatic or manual builds. This allowed GM to experiment with fuel economy and oil regulation in each vehicle. The early 1980s gearboxes were known as the TH125 or 125C. These were 3, 4 and five-speed models that were available to car owners and also used in the Oldsmobile cars. While these models are older and outdated, these can still be purchased at PreownedTransmissions.com.

Additional transmission types were unveiled as the Chevrolet Cavalier become a known vehicle brand. The 4T40 and 4T40E were added in the later years to take advantage of the electronic shifting that was cutting-edge at the time. Someone who is now searching for inventory on the secondary market is likely to come face to face with a number of used condition Cavalier gearboxes.

Problems with Chevrolet Cavalier Transmissions

The gearbox is a complex piece of machinery and is one of the most used components inside of a vehicle. While general wear and tear can lead to performance problems, there have been some consumer reports of problems with electronic, manual and automatic Chevy transmissions. From shifting issues to cooler line leaks, someone buying a used unit should be aware of the performance of these units.

How to Buy a Preowned Chevy Transmission

Any answers to performance of history related questions for the Cavalier not answered on this page can be answered by calling the toll-free number provided. Someone who prefers to review prices automatically can use the database tool featured here. All shipment information, warranty time frames and sale price data can be obtained using this national search system.