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CFT30 Transmission for Sale

Buy a used CFT30 transmission at a sale price online.

Ford is known partly for its auto parts development globally. Being one of the first automakers to market the CVT gearbox, demand has quickly been created. Consumers who own a Ford Five Hundred, Freestyle or other vehicle built between 2005 and 2007 probably have a ZF transmission installed. Some people struggle when trying to locate a way to replace an assembly cheaply. All CFT30 transmission for sale inventory on this portal is available to ship.

Specs of the CFT30 Gearbox

One might be surprised to learn there are no actual gears in the CVT editions. Ford, and its rival automakers, each have a variation of this technology. Built like an automatic assembly, it also functions like a manual version. While some bugs are being worked out, there are now more continuously variable models on the market today.

The main parts on these versions are the front pump, bushings, pressure plates and solenoid assembly. The ZF technology found in the modern day versions of the Ford vehicles has been a success. Spacers, valve bodies, washers and o-rings are other integral components in the ZF Batavia built gearboxes.

AWD and Standard Setup

In vehicles that are equipped for all-wheel drive, it is common to find the CVT. Both Ford Motor Company and Mercury division automobiles had variable gearboxes installed. The 3.5L V6 motor is by far the popular choice found in mid 2000s series vehicles.

Some people have reported that there are problems with the ZF CFT30 auto transmissions. Grinding, locking up, buzzing and humming and other loud noises have been attributed. Mechanics and other people who rebuild assemblies have been made aware of such issues.

Warranties for Used Ford Gearboxes

When the warranty period runs out, some people pay out of pocket for automobile repairs. To replace, swap or overhaul an assembly is not cheap. For the common consumer, paying a little less to purchase a salvage model is usually best. PreownedTransmissions.com helps distribute quality second hand inventory.

Used Ford CFT30 Transmission for Sale

It all begins with a quotation in price. Review of all costs involved during the ordering process can be made here online. By connecting with trustworthy auto parts suppliers, every secondary market product supplied is A or B grade. To obtain more accurate MSRP price data, having a VIN number is helpful.

Speak with a parts service specialist by calling the number on this page. Seven days each week these professionals handle customer requests. It is normally to check the price of a junk yard product before buying. A friendly associate gives out all discount details during a quick phone call.