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Used Chevy Trailblazer Transmission

The Trailblazer at Chevy by GM used a four-speed transmission when it was for sale. There were two assemblies that graced the interior of this mid-size SUV. Both of the types had the same electronics. Only one was equipped for the biggest V8 available after 2005. PreownedTransmissions.com can sell you a used Chevy Trailblazer transmission for a special price.

Replacement Transmission for Trailblazer

The assembly that was selected first by Chevrolet was the 4L60E. This unit is referred to as the base model. It was not the only unit offered in the SS trim package. The I6 4.2L engine compatibility extended to the 4L series. The additional motors were the 5.3 and the 6.0 V8.

The GMT 360 chassis was created for the mid-size sport utility vehicles. The 4L70E was the last transmission for sale in the Chevy Trailblazer. While U.S. production has ended, manufacturing has continued in some foreign countries.

Whether you are driving a 2002 or a 2005, picking out a functional assembly is important. There are just too many junk parts that are retailed by companies these days. An entire inventory selection process is conducted by our trained staff.

Parts Warranty for Four-Speed

Factory warranties usually expire after specified mileage. Inventory that can be found through retail catalogs does not always include coverage. The extension of parts coverage for a parts buyer is a good thing to have. Our company includes at minimum a three-year warranty plan. GM transmission buyers never pay any money to get this basic protection.

The brake bands, solenoids, valves and other parts on the interior of the housing are covered. Most of what might fail after the GM warranty runs out can be fixed by our team. We do not normally pay for labor when it comes to local repair shops. The basics of the terminology have been covered here. Further clarification will be administered at the point of order entry.

Trailblazer Transmission for Sale

You can buy through our website. You are given a quote in price first. A buy button will be positioned alongside of the discount. People choose to go through with the price or call us to place orders. If something is incorrect, let our team help you. Our reputation as a used Chevy transmissions seller is solid.

Learn what discounts we now offer by tapping on our quotes app. Anyone is free to use this to lookup all of the tag ID or RPO codes that we have for GM inventory. It will be very hard to find a lower price if you shop with someone else. Give us a try. Learn how valuable salvage inventory can be when it is cared for by automotive specialists.